Pirates Finale|What to expect?

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Hello, guys! Although I've almost completed all quests, I must confess that the pirate series is the one I like the least. I've completed them a long time ago, and I don't even remember what it was about. I also think they are a bit outdated. Anyway, as the final quest, Pieces of Hate, is in development, I'm ready to give them a chance. So, I created this post to ask you some questions.
First, what do you like about the pirate quest series? What makes it impress you?
Second, what do you expect from this upcomig quest?
Third, who is Xau Tak and how is it associated with the pirates? Do you think it can make an appearance now?
Lastly, do you mind to make a recap of the series?
Thanks! :D

28-Oct-2017 01:18:44

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1: What I like about the pirate series is the fact, as I see it, has been one big build up to this one Quest, this one finale, everything we've done has been forshadowing for the events that'll take place in Pieces of Hate and I'm pretty damn excited to get to experience it

I also just like Pirates in general, Pirates mixed with a dark overarching narrative and classical Runescape humor are a fantastic mix.

2: I expect to Witness, Learn from, and finally take down Rabid Jack. What has he become? Why has he done all this? HOW has he managed to do all this? All these burning questions will finally pay off.

3: Xau-Tak is indescribable. We've encountered beings like Zaros and Seren, we've even stood face to face with Jas herself, but Xau-Tak is still like nothing we have ever, ever seen. But will we ever see him? Could we even lay eyes on him? What we do know is that he exists, and that he certainly knows our names.
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28-Oct-2017 13:40:42

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Garlandiel said:
First, what do you like about the pirate quest series?
new environments and a fun/adventurous tone that doesn't sacrifice high stakes
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I'm expecting some nice boss battles with Migor and Rabid Jack, and a possible link to Xau-Tak.
Also hoping to discover a new island and have a few ship battles.

I also hope this quest won't be the end of Rabid Jack.
Considering we've only seen the man in a flashback, he is likely an undead now.
I'd hate to kill the man after all the buildup at his first appearance.
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