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MQC = Master Quest Cape

When the MQC was released, there were some players who found it strange that Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum would be the cape seller.
Afterall, the Wise Old Man sells the quest cape. He was a big time adventurer right?
Others quickly (and wrongly) assumed that Haig was for some reason a member of all the different adventuring guilds and done other quests and had levels and stuff.

Why is this wrong?
Well, as Jmods pointed out, Haig had his own adventures and lessons in life to learn about.
The MQC is about lore and history. The Varrock Museum is steeped in it. They spend their whole time earning about the history of the world. The large library in Varrock is nearby as well, adding even more resources for them.
Haig, as the head of the museum, would be one of the first people to understand the world.

How did he get there?
While the World Guardian is handed out information from others, and digging up tomes from abandoned areas, doing much of the dirty work (but also sometimes having fight dragons and demons to get the knowledge), Haig would have still gotten his hands dirty.
Sifting through panning trays, looking at abandoned temples, studying old dusty scrolls.
Sure, he's probably not as well traveled, or faced any major dangers in his work, but he still found his own way of getting there.

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So why then, did people naturally assume that Haig had done the same adventures as the player?

Well, in most games, players are trained to deal with their own storyline.
You don't worry too much about the history of other characters.
If something is there, you'll either be the first to get it because it is new, or it's an old item and you just happen to be the latest in the chain of owners.

In addition, many items do require something for you to be able to wield it.
Staffs require a magic level.
Swords require a melee level.
Armor some defense level.

The Quest Cape itself simply requires completing all quests/adventures.

Now the Wise Old Man can wear one, right?
But outside of 2 quests with the player, he had his own set of adventures.
But he's the seller of that cape as well.
And we don't know of any other characters in game that wear it.

But the stats we need to wear the Quest Cape are vague, often changing as new adventures come up.

Haig may not need to have high combat or other skills to wear his MQC.
But unlike the player, he has a completely different education, could be able to speak or read languages the player character could never understand.
At minimum, he would be far superior at dealing with anything in the Museum than the player char could ever hope to be.

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But, back to the assumption other players made ... why did Haig do the same quests we did?
In fact, why couldn't any in game character do them?

Well, in most cases, there are very simple reasons for it:

- the adventure was first come, first serve.
You're the first one on the scene or the first to hear about it or the first available, so you get sent.
The Ashdale Tutorial is an example. Sir Owen was on a boat and diverted when he saw the strange lights over Ashdale. But by the time he had arrived, you had defeated Morwenna.

- someone else had tried and failed, so you're up to bat
A common event. someone had tried, and failed for some reason (couldn't solve the puzzles, died, weren't skilled enough)
Elvarg in Dragon Slayer killed the previous adventurer who tried to face her. So, there was the opportunity for someone else to try later.

- There is only a need to do it once.
A place is only "lost" until it is found again. IT only needs to be found once.
The threat only exists as long as it is alive. You only need to kill it once to end the threat.

- You're the one most trusted to do it
Sometimes it isn't about being the strongest, smartest, or anything else. You get the job because the parties involved know YOU.
They trust you to do the job because you've done something like it before and succeeded, while others are an unknown.
Or perhaps the situation is tense and both sides happen to know you, so you're the easy choice to go between all the parties.
When the Cook gets you started in Recipe for Disaster, it's because there is a big meeting going on and since you helped him once, he can trust you with getting this done as well.

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After looking through that, I also started to wonder ... just because The World Guardian did an adventure, does it necessarily mean we're the only ones who would ever do it?

This isn't a question of ability/capacity to do something.
Any mage could cast a teleport spell if their magic level is high enough.
AnY smith could forge an iron sword with enough practice.

Nor is it a question of the character's competence at being able to do something.

No, the question is even though you helped someone in need, could an entirely different person double back later and help them again?

The answer, is sometimes, yes.

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But what adventures could be redone?

Well, I'll demonstrate.

First off, gaining entry into some of the Guilds.

Champion's Guild - Dragon Slayer
Yes, there was only one Elvarg.
But we do have a canonical reference to Zanik having to also slay a dragon to gain entry into the Champion's Guild.
One logical reason would be that if the adventurer is competent enough to kill a dragon somehow, they can be trusted with at least some level of troubles and jobs.

Hero's Guild - Hero's Quest
Achietties sends you on a fetch quest. All 3 items require a little bit of cleverness to get.
Perhaps the Firebird feather has a use in potions. She may have a strange addiction to Lava Eels. And she may have a grudge against the gangs of Varrock and whatever you do to earn the Master Thief's Band sets one or the other gangs back.
It's possible she sends others out to get the same items.

Thief's Guild - Buyers and Cellars
While you play a large part in helping to get the guild started, there's nothing stopping Darren from recruiting other up and coming thieves and mentoring them in the shady arts.
In addition, whatever funds they raise from fencing items, continue to go to keeping the guild in operation.

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The Ditzes, the Clutzes, those that can't fend for themselves

In life, there are those that no matter what they do, always seem to get into trouble.
Perhaps they are too clueless.
Perhaps they go charging in headfirst into danger.
Or maybe while they do try their best to avoid it, danger finds them.
Others, are just so incompetent, that they have no business doing what it is they do and should be set off far far away.

Cook's Assistant
Yes, you helped to make a cake.
But the Lum Cook is so notoriously bad, that it wouldn't suprise anyone that he needs more help.
A special redberry pie? The duke's favorite stew? a visiting delegation needing a unique sandwich?
He'll need more help than anything. Where do you think he might have gotten the sardines you got as a reward?

Ernest the Chicken
Poor, poor Ernest. You can't help but wonder how many times he's gotten transmogrified.
Yesterday it was a chicken. Today, who knows? And tommorrow?
Adventurers are running around Draynor manor finding ways to undo his latest mishap.

Imp Catcher
The magic beads were stolen once by imps. How many more times do you think they'll be stolen and returned to Mizgog?

Witch's House
A kid. A ball/toy. A cranky old person.
Need we say more?

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The Few, The Proud, and the Exception to the Rule
While Guilds might mix up what they have a new recruit do in order to join.
Other organizations might be a little more fixed.
Frankly, what you do to gain entry, others need to do the same thing (or something very similar). But the difficulty in doing it weeds out many potentials.

Recruitment Drive
You want to be a Temple Knight?
Well, we've got a few traditional ways of getting you in. Just join the White Knights, then handle some emergency, then pass our little initiation test.
Sure we'll test your wits, your skills, and sanity, but then you're in. All you have to do is follow our orders and do any missions for us until you die.

The Fremennik Trials
Tired of being called an Outlander?
Want to join a group who live the life of drinking, adventuring, and partying into the night?
Well, all you gotta do is get the locals of Rellekka to vote you in.
Heck, the local kids have to do it as a rite of passage into adulthood. How hard could it be for you?

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The Vague

One Small Favor
Yes, Yani asked you to do 1 simple thing for him.
We saw where that ended up going.
But who's to say that when it comes to doing a small favor for someone, that was the only time it happened?
Doesn't have to be just Yani. Anyone, anywhere, at any time could ask for a small favor. And it might not end up being as small as you think.

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