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This is nice, but I still don't get why it's necessary AT ALL for Craig to have done similar quests in order to get the quest cape (or anyone else for the matter. So what if WoM shared two quests with us?). Yes, getting in to the guilds seems like a reasonable requirement for the cape, but it just seems contrived to suggest that the way he got into the guilds was by killing a dragon, or doing three tasks etc.

Also I think the issue with Craig is that he wasn't known to be an adventurer before Jagex made him out to be one. Of course you can post-rationalize by saying that since he's a curator at a museum, he must have had his own shares of adventurers blah blah. I personally don't think that's necessarily the case though - he could just be someone who was interested in lore for a while, spent lots of time in his youth at the library, and really only contributed to lore by funding projects for archeologists and adventurers. Also, he's a rich noble with no indication he ever did any combat, so it's a hard sell for me that he did adventuring in his youth. And let's be honest, there were so many better alternatives, like Sir Tiffy or Radimus Erkle.
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