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1) Why was Jas awake?
- it's possible she's not awake. or at least not fully. what we encountered was her active subconscious mind.
- the death of Guthix. Zam nuked Forinthy, nothing happened. Guthix goes to sleep for 10k years, messes with the anima, trying to create a barrier around the world and simultaneously keep the elders asleep.
he dies suddenly.
Guthix's death and disruption of the anima wasn't enough to rouse all of the Elder Gods, but it was enough to awaken Jas (even if slightly)

2) how was she able to contact Sliske?
Sliske DID have the Staff/Siphon. Sliske is a child of Mah AND not one of the Elders' attendants or a Dragonkin, so he would get noticed. Perhaps Mah linked to the Staff and contacted him.

You're right, the Elder Gods don't understand life.
It's possible that Sliske was the right mix of smart, insane, and desperate to spin his role as an agent of Jas to keep going and keep Jas just interested enough simply because Jas didn't realize she was being scammed. She might not have even had the concept of understanding such a thing, let alone care.
So her agent says "we must do X to further the plan", so Jas goes along with it, even if she doesn't necessarily see any logic or purpose behind it.

4) Are the others awake yet?
Even for us, and irl, there are varying stages to waking up.
There's also a diff between being 'awake' and being 'up'
You've created universes Nth times over, you've been asleep for who knows how long, you have little to no perception of time as is. What's a few days/months to you? It's not like the others are fully up and about gorging on Runescape's anima, so no need to get up right this second.

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