(Dark) Crystal Singing

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Elven crystal doesn't react so much to song as sound elicits something (something like emotion or devotion, perhaps?) in Seren's fragments - which explains why the Ithell clan produces crystal-singers commonly, but not exclusively.

Any elf can mold crystal. Hell, humans can perform very simple functions on crystal - an inanimate object can also produce notes that will create/unmake simple tools if it's been specifically tuned for it.

Point being, this behavior can be controlled by very dedicated people for grander purposes - but the behavior is clearly inherent to the crystal itself; perform for the crystal and it will build upon itself reciprocally.

Now to the original question. My answer is no, 'Zarosian crystals' can not be manipulated like Elven crystal and here's why.

As explained above, Elven crystal reacts reciprocally - we can theorize why exactly that is but that's for another time, the important part is that song makes crystal want to change to the singer's whim; an external force acts upon it and it reacts.

We have two examples of Zarosian crystal in action: the Shard of Zaros and Senntisten crystal from his throne room.

The Shard of Zaros exudes this aura of control and possibly fear that prevents the monsters from the God Wars Dungeon from attacking or even noticing you.

Meanwhile Senntisten crystal comes off a bit like a choking weed. When they excavated the throne room, they found it completely over-run with this crystal that seemed to be growing of its own volition that must be gathered and made inert.

This is completely opposite Elven crystal, which only reacts reciprocally; Zarosian crystal acts on its own as far as we've seen. It can still be used, but it likely can not be manipulated to change.

If it can be manipulated, the method is yet unknown and will not be anything like Elven crystal.

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As a brief continuation of the above, since I hit character cap (and promptly blue screened for unrelated reasons), I also doubt that you could ever manipulate Zarosian crystal to grow out like Elven crystal, I feel like Zarosian crystal has a different mode of operation than physical growth.

And it would likely act upon others rather than change itself, if you catch my drift.

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