Sliske's Endgame Speculation

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It seems Jagex loves to make pop culture references with Sliske. Likening him to Heath Ledger's Joker and Tobin Bell's Jigsaw/John Kramer. Here's my pitch for how I imagine the endgame going down: Clue movie style!

In the movie the man who the guests believe to be their host Mr. Body passes out 'presents'. These presents, of course, are the iconic franchise weapons. He then tells the guests that to protect their secrets, they should kill the 'butler' Wadsworth (Tim Curry).

WHAT IF at this gathering he passes out elder artifacts, asking both the World Guardian to bring The Measure & assuming Saradomin will naturally be wearing The Locator.

If the story follows this iconic Clue scene, Sliske will probably suggest one of the gods kill Zaros to stop him from his lofty plans. Resulting in one of the gods instead anonymously killing Sliske. Finally getting bested at one of his own games.
TFW You can't decide between support Zamorak or Zaros.

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Daan the 1e

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Mod Raven said:

Worst script ever.

I'd better be Sliske revealing that he is still working for Zaros and that they needed all the gods to be in one area to distract some elder god/guardian. Because that's the only way Sliske's excommunication makes sense.

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