Where's lore for this boss?

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Maiden China said:
N7spongy said:
Svigris said:

These bosses are normally looked at by the lore community as faults in the lore. Sorry there's not much here to find.
Faults? I don't see how.
jagex wants to make a hard boss. they dont particular want to write a great deal of lore for the boss, they really only want to make the boss difficult and/or fun to fight.
so they write two lines of lore that say the boss is megapowerful and... maybe one day, there will be some actual lore on them

the old bosses didnt have those two lines at all, and some lore was added later. "I have no idea why this boss is so powerful, but he/she is, so deal with it'

or 'this boss is a bloody dragon, did you think this was going to be easy?'
Then who knows, maybe we'll get more lore on them later.
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03-Jul-2016 04:43:57

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