Sliske's master is... Oreb?

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HA! So Sliske is scared of Death? He must have been having second thoughts in Missing Presumed Death!

It is to be honest, a rational fear, especially as he IS a Mahjarrat, but seriously, with all this Soul knowledge, and with apparently A FRACTION OF OUR SOUL in his hands, he shouldn't be that scared if he knows how to transfer souls to get an afterlife, we probably even found his Mahjarrat Forehead-Gemstone in Kindred Spirits inside an orrey, which shows us a memory, which other mahjarrat gems are known to do.

So by removing his gemstone, he fails to be a true mahjarrat, in the race to get a soul. Quite sad actually. He only needs us to help him in a way... Just in a more evil way because he is desperate, and with us knowing this, he fears that we are on to him ,so he tries to kill us, so he can get his full prize then...

Is this Sliske's sad story?

A Mahjarrat who is deathly scared of death is so desperate that he tries again and again to get our help in his own way, possibly because that is all he knows how to, eventually taking a fraction of our soul and trying to kill us in desperation after he finds out what he needed us for... He obviously couldn't have us know his plans, we would clearly refuse, making sliske hopeless, why our soul? Because our soul has Guthix's Blessings on it. AND Zaros' "protection" (whatever he meant by that", he needs somebody to help him, because on the inside, he is as alone as the shadow realm, perfect, a cripplingly alone person, for an alone realm...

26-Nov-2016 21:00:14

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