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You know that 6th 'formless' elder god? It's us. It is inside us.
Hear me out,
I suggest that the 6th elder god was wandering across worlds and found gielinor, it started forming an idea on how to become corporeal, so it decided to try and look like a mortal and have a mortal's name, Aredan. Xau Tak took notice of this, so he stated threatening this, Aredan, Sliske eventually found out, as we can see in "Death at Sea" and grew an obsession.

Afterwards, in the 5th age, an Aredan was born, The incorporeal elder took it's chance and possessed us. Again, Xau-Tak found out, Sliske realized we were alive and basically (and probably did) stalk us from the shadow realm. (i bet he did tho)

Now, in the 6th age, Xau-Tak is sending us weird dreams, dialogue, ect, and Zaros has been inside our mind, seen the elder, and not told us. He has a plan for his ascension, he will use this elder, which by the way is very weak, and this can also explain why Guthix chose US specifically, if there was no difference to us than anybody else at the time then why us? This is why. He knows that we will be involved with some major events so he protects us, gives us protection against godly magic in The World Wakes.

OBVIOUSLY this is a crackpot theory, just a thought that popped up while crawling through Reddit. Yep. Enjoy.

27-Nov-2016 20:21:19

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