Just how powerful is Nex?

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Elf of Seren said:
I theorize that before empowerment, she could harass a god enough to give them pause in what they are doing (as it specifically states that the Gods fear her), but I think that it's more of a "she can decimate armies in seconds, and I need my armies" kind of thing.

After Empowerment, I think that she could go toe to toe with Saradomin for a decent amount of time before she would need to go back and recharge.

My logic behind it is that Zaros himself feared the Shadow Leviathans, so he got 9001 (i think that was the number) of the lesser things to get an equal amount of power, and then tune that, and four other things of equal power to Nex. If a T2 god fears something, then I'd say it is something worth fearing.

The gods fear her for what she represents, not for her power. Go toe to toe with Saradomin? Please. He's a confirmed continent-buster. Nex is nowhere near, empowered or otherwise.
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