Canon Boss Hierarchy?

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Alright okay let's gooo.

I'm just gonna tier list this stuff. Not god-tiers, obviously.

Tier 1 Bosses:
Vorago, Telos, Yakamaru, Angel of Death, Sliske

Tier 2:
Queen Black Dragon, Balance Elemental, Cacus the Penance King, Nex

Tier 3:
Oreb, Araxxor/Araxxi, Drakan, Corporeal Beast, Pest Queen

Tier 4:
Zilyana, Graardor, Kree, K'ril, Kalphite King, Twin Furies, Gregorovic, Rise of the Six Barrows, Abomination, Nomad

Tier 5:
Vindicta, Helwyr, Chaos Elemental, Har-Aken

I didn't list things that we already have measurements for via the godhood scale, like the Avatars of Creation and Destruction, or the Mahjarrat (Sliske not included).
ALSO, on the Zilyana lightning thing, I'd say that's 100% canon, no blurry lines there. Saradominists tend to favor lightning spells.
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