The Dragonkin in the God Wars

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In Dishonour Among Theives, we witness the moments prior to the explosion that created the Wilderness. During this scene, we can see that the Stone was in a state of instability

Here's my guess as to what happened:

As Zamorak was driven into a corner and his forces steadily decimated, he was driven to draw upon the Stone's Power more and more. The Dragonkin normally avoid trying to destroy false users that are gods due to the notable power differential between them and a god and the low number of their species. Zamorak's constant use of the Stone, however managed to enrage some amount of dragonkin enough that it overpowered their sense of self preservation.

So some amount of Dragonkin make their way into the Wilderness toward Zamorak and the gods assembled. Meanwhile, Zamorak finds himself cornered and ends up using the now unstable stone. This causes the stone to react unpredictably, releasing an explosion of power directly rather than the user gaining the power first (the part that makes the kin stronger) and then using that power.

The stone's unstable state is what allowed the explosion to kill the Dragonkin and is not something that it can normally be used to do.

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