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I'm like 98% sure they're going to announce plans to finish off Pirate and Gnome (or at least get the penultimate quests out there) specifically with Raven's thread at the top of the Lore Forum, and with Osborne mentioning Gnomes and Pirates in yesterday's(?) stream.

14-Sep-2017 01:30:42

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Lord Valzin said:
Sepulchre said:
Can we please get out of the Fifth God Damn Age already?

That is literally all I want. That is why I proposed during RuneLabs last year that we finished off ALL the 5th age story-lines, and the idea stayed on page 2 of the "most voted" list for the entire month.

I know I may sound like a broken record and that may sound more than just a bit like bragging but the point is that I wasn't alone. The fact that it stayed that popular means I'm not the only one who liked the idea of moving into the 6th Age with every quest-line.

At the very least, they need to get an understanding of how they wish those storylines to progress. Which should remain in the 5th Age/be age-agnostic? Which ones should progress into the 6th Age and how much influence should the 6th Age give? Should storylines with some god connections expand on that? Once that's done, figuring out how to incorporate that while still trying to stick to the storyline's plot and focus.

Future gnome quests will have to take place in the Sixth Age (due to battle of lumbridge gnome and gouron), but I doubt it'll mean god involvement, at most we'll see acknowledgement of Guthix's death, Hazelmere's death, and the restoration of Prifddinas.
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14-Sep-2017 14:52:45

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I for one, am hoping we get more (smaller) god themed quest lines. I want to see a quest line (at least 1 (including dead gods)) for each god, fleshing out everything that is them (during the last rs3 livestream, Mod Jack stated that Bandos' image was completely mangled and that he wished that could have been different before World Event 2). I want follow ons from WE 1/2 I mean we had the mighty fall and the quest involving Zamorak (I cant think of its name off hand) but thats it...

I want the Sixth age to detail the backlash of when gods collide. It would be the first time we have an accurate record of this as, correct me if this is wrong, but during the first god wars in the Third age (I think?) we heard about it, but we didnt witness the immediate backlash of it... I mean yeah, sure, the wilderness is testament to some of it but not all of it.

I want quests or content where we can go through the first age through to current time and explore pockets of lore through the ages. When exactly did each god arrive on Geilinor; and what did they do?

We know that the Second age was primarily Saradomin (mentioned on a livestream not too long ago), presumably the first age was Guthix? The third age, I presume was a free for all during the god wars. The fourth and fifth age? All we know about that is that sometime during those two ages Guthix awoke and banned the gods with the Edicts.

Please do correct any information that is incorrect!

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