Tumeken and Elidinis Return

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Tbh I see the Menaphos quests as almost teasers for the new content that (i think) is being added to further the Desert storyline, like amascut and tumeken, elidinis, scarabas, ect ect.

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I am also hoping for Elidinis and Tumeken to return. I really want to see their models and learn what tier, even though it is a basic though now, Tumeken is.

From what we have heard, he should be as strong as Saradomin, I would think, because he seems more powerful than a Tier 4 god, to me.

I really want more history about Elidinis as I don't recall having too much other than some here and there. And I don't remember having much more about Elidinis in River of Elid, which was kinda her quest.

As for the final quest, we might have 2 more quests or 1 really long quest. And I think it will be within a year. Because they are bond and determined to end questlines when they start working on content while it is fresh on the mind.

But remember, we might also have a Sixth Age questline for the desert as well. Since they have set thing sup for multiple 6th Age questlines such as the Myreque and their storyline. Elves and dwarves, although less so for dwarves.
Come the Sixth-Age, the world will need the World Guardian.

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