Tumeken's Chosen

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Yo, so you know how in the recent desert quests, the Chosen of Tumeken is referenced throughout? Chosen of Tumeken, meaning the bloodline Tumeken chosed to rule over the desert as Pharaohs (Senliten and Osmumten are part of this bloodline).

Well I found some really old dialogue/lore behind the Pharaoh's sceptre, dating back to the time when Pyramid Plunder was first released. It's by the NPC Tarik.

Tarik: I have heard a rumor that there is a valuable magic sceptre in there as well.
Player: Ah, now you have piqued my interest. What do you know about this sceptre?
Tarik: Not a lot. It is apparently made of gold and covered in jewels, and used to be owned by one of Tumeken's sons.
Player: Tumeken?
Tarik: Tumeken, the sun god and head of the gods. his sons were the rulers, chosen by him to rule in his name

Also, whenever we talk to the Guardian Mummy in Pyramid Plunder about recharging the scepter, he says he refuses "to waste the King's power" if we give him a partially charged sceptre.


So what does this mean? Did Tumeken actually have a son(s) that was not some animal that he and Elidinis turned? Perhaps they were born before Tumeken ascended to godhood? Could they be along the lines of Adrastreia? Do they have some divine power in them, and could they be considered the 9th desert Pantheon? Is Tumeken considered Leela and Osman's Tumeken's great x100 grandfather? Or is Tarik a uneducated homeless guy and got his lore warped.
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Raleirosen said:
I imagine it could be similar to how Japan's emperors are supposedly descended from Amaterasu: just a myth.

Or maybe they were "sons" symbolically? They were the ones just below Tumeken and Elidinis.

And also: THe real egyptian pharaohs were seen as gods, right? Right? I didn't invent this, right?
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ZAmorakZaros said:
Or maybe they were "sons" symbolically? They were the ones just below Tumeken and Elidinis.
That's sort of what I meant: the basis for such a myth would probably be the "Chosen" just happening to be the appointed ruler when Tumeken was still around.
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