Angels in Runescape?

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The subject of this thread might sound silly to some of you guys, as icyene are based on the common perceptions of angels and are treated like we treat angels (i.e. Sir Owen mentions that he felt an icyene watching over him), but despite this, there are a few references to angels in the game.

For example, Snotgut mentions that he 'sings like an angel', the Temple Knights have labelled Dionysius as an ''ultraviolet archangel'' threat, an angel statue can be built in Player-owned House, there was a snow angel statue in 2010 Christmas Event, there are the Angel of Death gravestone and Guardian Angel consumable, and so on.

So, this all confuses me. If Icyene are intended to be angels in all but name, why is the word angel used so many times? Sure, Icyene of Death, Arch-icyene or Guardian Icyene may not sound as good, but if the word is there, the concept of an angel must exist as well.

Whether angels would be a separate race or a faction of icyene is unknown, although winged human-style angels are a rather new thing, as ancient descriptions of angels include descriptions of angels that differ from modern angels a lot. Some of the angels described in ancient texts resemble demons or constructs more than living, breathing creatures. Hence, angels do not necessarily need to be humans with wings like Icyene are, but something much more alien and eldritch.

So, what is your opinion on angels? What are their exact nature? Feel free to post if you liked this thread or if you have anything to say at all. Your opinions and input to this thread are welcome. Well, that's about all I have to say. And thanks for reading this thread.

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Gnome children can also mention angels of Guthix in dialogue.

And when it comes to the names of ships in player-owned ports, 'angel' is an available name part (possibly categorised under 'races' or something)... but not 'Icyene'.

So one of my ships is called 'The Serene Angel'.

I don't remember, at least at the moment, if there's any more you and I haven't yet mentioned.
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I have a feeling that angels may have been something humans called Icyene when they first seen them and it continued that way in common speech.

They are clearly meant to be Saradominist in the PoH for example suggesting Icyene.

The sings like an angel thing I am tempted to say was just a developer writing using irl speech which imo should be fixed. Maybe sings like St Elsbeth or something like that.

The angel of death I believe to be Death rather than an angel and the wings represent a spirit rising as it does when we burn Vyre corpses.

The holiday event I consider non-canon so yeah.

Guardian Angel is again a term we use irl not necessarily meaning they exist in RS. The term Guardian Icyene wouldn't fit quite as well as Icyene should be perceived very differently than we do modern day angels.

Additionally irl the words demon and angel are arguably interchangeable depending on which side you take. 1 persons angel is anothers demon but in Runescape Icyene and Demons are very different things so I wouldn't look too much into this. Especially the holiday event and BoL Reward but there are maybe a few things that need changed in game.

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Don't forget that werewolves might be a completely seperate race from humans, yet still similar enough to pass as one and even able interbreed with humans. The same could go for the Icyene.

Maybe there is a realm out there similar to the Behemoth's realm, where there are many variations of the same creature species, but with significantly different looking sunsets within the race. Maybe within this race there are a more Icyene looking group of winged bipeds, and maybe this group of creatures has had limited interactions with other realms.

Now, I know that is a lot of maybes! However, we are talking about many realms with many possibilities. The most likely image of angels in Gielinor's human memory is that of Saradomin's Icyene followers.

But who knows, right? One could argue that the Gorajo are also similar to traditional real life interpretations of angels.

They are vaguely human in shape, yet different and possibly even terrifying to behold the first time a mortal human happens upon one. They are powerful, but not almighty. They work together is something of a collective hierarchy, focusing on the task rather than the individual. And while having little patience for humans, they are generally very kind and helpful... and yet still fierce warriors.

And don't forget that they have a sub set of their race who has defied the collective will of their people and turned away from everything they stood for. The Ramokee could easily be analogous to traditional demons.

Why? Well think on it for a second. People sometimes forget that traditionally, demons and angels are actually the same creature. The difference is that demons turned away from the authority that angels still serve. What sort of physiological effect this would have... that's beyond me.

So yeah... just a little something to ponder. Sorry that all my posts tend to ramble. :P

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Balustan said:

Additionally irl the words demon and angel are arguably interchangeable depending on which side you take. 1 persons angel is anothers demon but in Runescape Icyene and Demons are very different things so I wouldn't look too much into this. Especially the holiday event and BoL Reward but there are maybe a few things that need changed in game.

I don't know if the words themselves are interchangeable, but definitely the side being helped will see the figure lending aid as an angel rather than a demon.

Which reminds me of some strange happenings over the centuries where real world religions clashed. There are many Celtic figures from folk lore that became demons after Christians moved into Western Europe. I'm not talking names found in the Bible or anything, just local **** traditions (the stuff you tell while sitting around a fire late at night).

And likewise, the personalities and names of various deities and spirits warp a bit where ever Hinduism and Buddhism clashed in the Eastern World.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but religion is something that fascinates me. Not only in real life, but in video games, movies, and books. Stories, whether fact or fiction, are possibly the greatest invention mankind has ever wrought. And to see how different peoples have explained and coped with various issues in life... That's just cool.

I also get a real kick out of there interplay we have here on the forums between each of the different god factions from within Runescape. I know that very few of us actually have a little shrine dedicated to [insert Gielnian god here] in our real world homes, but we can get pretty heated over chosen deities in game!

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Pupppy II

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I think it may be either:

1. the main saradominist culture, in fourth age, has developed in such way that the saradominist icyene would represent the notion, the spirits of good; while the zamorakian demons would represent the notion of evil beings.

You are tormented? a demon has possessed your body. You are lucky? an icyene has blessed your path through the prayers to saradomin.

When we know in fact that demons are not all evil, nor are icyenes all good.

2. angels are the most powerful/kind icyenes. First notion would include Zilyana and Padomenes; while the second would include people like Elspeth and probably queen Efaritay. I think those pictures from Citharede do also hold only 2.

Maybe their virtuosity gains them extra powers, just like Elora the centaur got her horn. Zilyana, stated a legend among them, has got 4 wings; while Padomenes has only 2.

3. angel is a word for the saradominist saints, of which we do only know saint Elspeth so far.

4. angels are the direct saradominist counterparts of demons. But what does that mean? Well, demons can be conjured into the world through the Pact; so in theory these so called angels could be summoned in the same way.

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