Guardians or Godless (or both)

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I'd place the Guardians at the top of my list if they decided to actually develop Erebus, but that idea was probably scrapped. If not that then Godless would be my top pick, with Queen of Ashes dead last. It's not because the Queen of Ashes is necessarily uninteresting, but because it's too early to focus on her over more integral parts of the games' lore. I can't remember what the trope is called but when writing a story, especially Fantasy, it's important to always have something unknown and mysterious, like say a tower far away. When the narrative finally brings you to it you need another one further away. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the Queen of Ashes is just a minor narrative hook at this point, a "tower" in the distance. As lorehounds we may want to get all the answers, but good stories never give it to you. There's always another mystery, and the QoA is in such an early stage that to spoil it now would be a shame.

The idea of Guardians and Godless teaming up in general seems pretty good. though. It's easier to introduce new characters by using old ones. However, at this point I think the godless deserve all the attention. They've earned it.
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