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I always thought it was nice in the past when we had threads to discuss quests. So I guess this is kinda an unofficial discussion thread. An attempt to revive the forum.

Some talking points from the quest:

- Kerapac's no longer albino, he's blue! And an antagonist. AND the new master of the Needle.

- There's a place called Orthen, "First City", that's the first city the Dragonkin made on Gielinor before Guthix arrived. Kerapac's headed to it and something called "the crucible".
* Vicendithas thinks it's a myth, which probably means there has to have been several generations of Dragonkin in this revision, enough for the city to fall into myth.

- Charos is Reldo. Reldo is Charos. The timid librarian we all know was just a mask, but he was a nice man to be. Charos is a skilled enchanter, has a fancy arm, and apparently thinks immortality is easy (but he won't go into the details).

- Bandos wasn't banished without a fight. It seems the scene from Bandos's memory might just be the last confrontation in a war that lasted years. Can't help but think this is a nod to Armies of Gielinor.

- Zamorak had gotten the Infernus beaten out of him when Guthix came to banish him. They all hated him.

- Saradomin and Armadyl were wise enough to leave without a fight.

- Sliske killing Guthix was an inside job.

- Seren was born millions of years ago. We've seen Zaros use the word "aeons" before, but that can be used pretty generically to just mean a long time.

- Some new Dragonkin words. Roakin seems to refer to the Elder Gods. Personally, I assume Roake means curse and that, since "kin" is a suffix applied to beings the Dragonkin consider intelligent, that its literal meaning is something like "The Ones who Curse" or "Cursed Ones". But I haven't kept up with the whole Dragonkin language thing.

- Bunch of stuff from the council chamber. Zilyana knows about Garlandia, Fremennik have fields of hops for all their ale-drinking needs, Aviansie like munching on seeds etc.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

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