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1. Had Bandos triumphed over Armadyl during the Bird and the Beast, how would Zaros have convinced him to agree to the demonic pact that would ensure he got the Stone of Jas during Sliske's Endgame?

2. During the flashback in Children of Mah, Zaros seems very uncaring toward the Mahjarrat, and even slightly disgusted by them, dismissing them as glorified mercenaries who fight for whoever is at the top of the food chain. However, in his memories in Fate of the Gods, he seems to care about them, even thinking fondly of them as his younger siblings, intending to take them under his wing and for them to inherit his empire. Which is Zaros's actual view? Was his dialogue in Children of Mah just an outburst in anger at Zamorak's betrayal, an inconsistency between writers, or an attempt to make him more morally grey after how benevolent he seemed in FotG?

3. It's been stated several times in the past that you cannot kill an Elder God. If this is the case, how did Seren manage it? Was Mah a special case due to her corruption and deformity, and having been drained of most of her divine energy by Zaros and the Mahjarrat?

4. How did Sliske not notice that we'd tampered with his control of the Shadow Realm between Kindred Spirits and Sliske's Endgame? Surely he'd have picked up on it pretty quickly considering how much he relies on it.

5. Can we get an outright confirmation that Sliske avoided the drain on his energy from Mah by using the Stone of Jas?

6. How did Sliske meet Jas, or is that a matter for future content?

7. Sliske supposedly wanted the Elder Gods woken up so they would destroy Gielinor and make the universe "interesting". However, wouldn't the Elder Gods end up destroying all the worlds for the Great Revision? Wouldn't a universe without life would be even more boring to Sliske? Surely, as a former member of Zaros's inner circle, he knew that the Elder Gods wouldn't stop with Gielinor?

8. Could we get godhood tiers for V, Xau-tak and the Queen of Ashes?

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9. Is there any significance to Sliske petrifying upon his "death"? Only gods have been seen to do so, and Lucien, who was also impaled upon the Staff of Armadyl, ended up as a simple corpse. Is it to do with him having apparently transferred his soul to us?

10. On that note, the ending of Sliske's Endgame heavily implies that Sliske has transferred his soul to us. However, the ability to escape ones' body upon death has been stated to be limited to Tier 2 gods. Does this mean that Sliske had secretly ascended, or was this only possible due to the circumstances involving both the player and Sliske having been stabbed with the staff?

11. We have had several hints that Azzanadra is somewhat less than sane, from his own memory, Nabor and Bilrach. Is there a significant reason for his insanity, such as prolonged exposure to Zaros's controlling aura, having been locked in a pyramid for millenia, or possibly even Xau-Tak shenanigans?

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