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1. Is it planned for Xau-Tak and the Queen of Ashes to be long term characters if and when they are finally introduced? Not just Guthix'd or worse V'd off. I appreciate death being necessary for the plot to sometimes advance, but not having it be at the start of every meeting would be great,

2. Are Zaros and or Seren aware of Xau-Tak? Should the latter decide to stir and do any kind of harm, what's to stop the siblings from wiping him out?

3. Can the situation with Zaros locating Saradomins daughter be elaborated on? Was it a rescue mission? Why doesn't Saradomin now that she's safe just destroy this Obsidian Tribunal?

4. On the subject, is the Obsidian Tribunal just Zaros's name for what we know as the Teragard Magisters or are they separate groups?

5. Azzanadra sounds close to Godhood, should this hypothetically happen, would he be accepting of his new state of being?

6. How is it possible for Saradomin to have a daughter? Is she his Great great great.. Etc Granddaughter but just shortens it to save everyone 5 minutes?

7. Is it possible for Char to be involved more in storylines? Are there any plans for this? I feel she hasn't had any spotlight since her initial quest and the poor girl needs a graphical polish as it is.

8. Where do you see the story going after the Elder Gods? Have you thought that far ahead? How can anything ever match up to meeting and humbling them to let life they created continue on its natural course? I never want quests to end, but I'm not sure anything could top that eventual Finale.

9. During Endgame we had the chance to let most of the gods know where we stand with them, if you told them outright you stood against them has this permanently burned all bridges between your player and said god?
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