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Ooh, fun!

1. The first act of River of Blood made great pains to establish the Splinter Group as a major antagonist - revealing their long-standing manipulation of the Myreque, giving their (presumptive) leader unrestricted access to Paterdomus, Blisterwood, and a vampyrized Seergaze, and putting us on the cusp of the war they had been working towards. And then they disappear from the quest. Was there originally a third act planned that would have seen us face off against the conspirators, but that was cut for time/budget?

2. I maintain a list of written languages that appear in Runescape. While a lot of work went into mapping out Vampyric, is this the exception or the rule? Do most scripts have a meaning known to the developers? Are they design motifs meant to maintain consistency between similarly themed environments? Or are they usually the sole purview of an environmental artist, adding flair to a new location at their own discretion?

3. Falador standing stones. Do you guys know what they're for? You don't have to tell us, just - is there a specific significance in the lore bible?

4. Is there any chance at all of seeing a questing reset server? I know it's far too much work to make quests actually replayable in a polished, live server experience. But would it be possible to see a beta server with simple quest resets (like the Myreque reset or defence reset), unpolished, warts (bugs) and all?

5. Have you ever considered making the lesser lore (aside from who won and who lost) from world events 1 and 2 available in game somehow? There are some significant tidbits from npcs that players who didn't participate in the events miss out on.

6. Strisath vs Sithaph in Hero's Welcome. Was this originally a typo (be honest)?

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