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Heyy! Off first thank you for doing this again, it's been so long, I worried a Lore Q&A would never happen again. My questions will fluctuate between seriousness and silliness because.

1) With the departure of Mod Wilson, who is to continue the Xau-Tak storyline development?

2) I understand why the Christmas Postbag was cancelled, just wondering if we won't have to wait another three years for it to return.

3) With the Balance Elemental just recently gaining new lore(of which I am EXTREMELY glad :D as it's been an obscure topic of discussion for years now) can you say if there is a chance that it could have further relevance in future content?

4) I want to show my undying(;)) support for Xau-Tak, where can I sign up?

5) The 9th Elder Artefact, the Needle, was mentioned in Endgame, does this imply that a crossover between Idle Adventures and the main game is inevitable?

6) This may seem odd but I am both an Armadylean and a follower of Xau-Tak, how can I combine both ways of life into one perfect way?

7) For the final Fifth Age quest to be released, could you say if there are plans to link it to The World Wakes in any way?

That's all, but before you scroll down I'd like to say that someone has created a lore test of 100 questions, just wondering if for fun you guys could try it out and share your results :)
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