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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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1. Guthix called Atrew an 'aquamancer' in his memory (Aqua being a Latin/Infernal root word compared to Necro or Geo being Greek/Teragardian), while Wizard Myrtle is referred to as a 'hydromancer'. Is this just a mistake in consistency, or did magic have different names in ancient times due to the Empire's influence on language?

2. Can a human (or other race requiring runes for magic) train themselves beyond the need for runes?

3. Do all chthonians have the ability-absorption power, and how does it work?

4. What IS shadow magic? Does it solidify shadows (Vanstrom solidifying darkness), does it enter a person's body and corrupt their muscles and nerves (hence the damage reducing effect), does it draw upon the Shadow Realm, maybe all of the above in some mix? Is it weakened by light?

5. What's the difference between anima and divine energy? Is divine energy just a form of concentrated anima?

6. Is the act of souls going to the Underworld and Afterlife just a way of returning their anima to the planet? And-- Souls ARE a form of anima, right?

7. There ARE schools of magic beyond what the spellbooks show us and what appears in-game, right? Such as mind magic, nature magic, light magic, and so on?

8. Can we get more info on the Infernal Demons? Any at all? They seem to be the most magically varied, definitely, compared to chthonians and avernics. What else is there?

9. Are onyxes from the TzHaar the same as onyxes in real life? Because onyxes in real life are just a form of common quartz, so TzHaar onyxes are likely something different - just with the same name, right?

10. Can we get more info/lore on the undead? There are wights, skeletons, ankous, and so on. Does the necromancer decide the degree of sentience/sapience they get, and what skills they get to keep (such as magic in the case of Ahrim or skeleton mages)? How does necromancy WORK? Does it screw with Death's "dead person" radar, making him think they're still alive unless he sees them in person?
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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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Can we get some info on the lifespans of the races? We know icyene live tens of thousands of year, humans are pretty much the same as in real life, elves tend to reach five-hundred but their lifespan is malleable and can be stretched to millenia -- but we don't know much else. Vyres seem to be biologically immortal, as in they don't die of natural causes, werewolf aging is all over the place, dwarves and gnomes are pretty much unknown.

Can we get confirmation on whether or not Mahjarrat 'ascended' after the events of Children of Mah? Maybe not to full godhood, but Azzanadra noted that his previous 'power cap' seemed to be gone -- which sounds an awful lot like "we can move up the tier list from low tier 7 now".

Are blood and shadow magic considered to be 'dark magic' like necromancy is? I imagine smoke and ice are a little more tolerated.

Is lightning considered a part of the air element in the Runescape universe? Guthix's wind druid lady seemed to indicate it was.

On a similar note, is flora (trees, flowers, moss, and so on) considered to be part of the earth element along with the standard dirt and rock? And, is sand part of the earth element as well?

How does metal interact with magic? Since wearing armor seems to make one weak against magic and also less able to use magic -- or is this just a game mechanic? We know metal 'conducts' magic, but, what does that even mean? Does metal attract magic like a magnet?

Are mithril, adamant, runite, and dragon innately magical metals? They don't exist in real life, but we know that you acknowledge the existence of the elements (tin, copper, iron, silver, gold, nitrogen, carbon have all popped up in game in various forms), so are they formed by metals interacting with the natural magic of the world, creating a different substance entirely?

What species does the vampyric dodging ability work on? Presumably not icyene, Mahjarrat, and gods - I'm guessing it DOES work on elves, dwarves, etc, however?
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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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What exactly IS the Runespan? Where did all of these magical energies and rune essences just pop out of? Was it originally a holding dimension for the Stone of Jas? Essentially the Elder Gods' back pocket? That seems to make the most sense, so. Mods pls notice me

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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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I'm back for a third time, ayyy.

Are the magic abilities - such as Wrack, Asphyxiate, and so on - all canon? As in, are they legitimate spells that mages can use in the world of Runescape, and not just a game mechanic?

What's the difference between a siren and a mermaid? Do both have hydrokinetic abilities?

Is dragonfire some mix of chemical fire, magical fire, and just general extreme heat? If not, what differentiates it from normal fire?

What races DO generally need runes for standard magic, and what races don't, of the following? Elves, werewolves, dwarves (pre-curse), icyene, aviantese, trolls?

Is it possible for a master runecrafter and mage to craft a few runes without the need for an altar?

Can we get some elaboration on the relationship between music and magic, first hinted at in 'The Harmony of the Runes'? Apparently, notes correspond to runes. Does this mean a musically-inclined mage can use music instead of runes to cast their magic?

I know Camelot lore is iffy and wonky, but it's still in game, so: Where is 'Britain' in the Runescape universe? Is it on Earth (if it exists in the multiverse of RS)? Is it on Teragard? Or some other human-conquered world?

Are Kethsi and Abbinah in the same 'realm bubble'? Because it seems most worlds aren't differentiated only by being different planets, but being different realms entirely - as in, some sort of dimensional bubble around them, I guess? That was first hinted at in the Tuska event. If you could clear that up, that'd be great. Also, if Kethsi and Abbinah ARE in the same 'bubble', do they share an Underworld/Afterlife? Albeit, separated and divided once you're down there, since they're different species with different 'homes' and religions.
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