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1. What does the Penguin's Submarine run on, is there a chance to add something similar to it with invention/construction?

2. We know that crystal bows are able to focus light for their ammo, is it possible for other weapons to do so, or is the physical act of pulling on the bowstring actually needed? Ex. Could a crystal dagger, staff and other types of crystal items work in the same fashion?

3. What is the difference in normal crystal seeds and attuned? What makes certain crystals more powerful?

4. Can we get a tier of the Gielinor God Nomad made?

5. How exactly do the light barriers work in the Temple of Light. Is a special light source needed or any at all shone through a certain type of crystal? Also what is the Undercity of Prif like and can we get a pub there. Called the Crystal Inn.

6. Will there be any more area in Tarridad to explore? I would love to learn more about the plane.

7. Can we get an example of next year's elder gods quest?

8. How do wisps work on ships? In Player owned ports, we have the option to recruit them, how do they help out?

9. What's the difference between Anima and Divine Energy?

10. Will we get more marimbo lore?

11. How does fairy magic work? Fairy rings are able to teleport a player to Kethsi, but the only other way is through the World Gate.

12. Are the energized arm cannon possible in lore, or are they something in game mechanic wise?

13. How do you explain other adventurers gaining unique equipments and items, are they duplicates/copies? (example Barrows equipments or GWD's)

14. Is it possible for a Necromancer that is not a Mahjarrat to create and summon wights? Also what are wights categorized as, Ghost? Zombies? How come the Barrows brother are ghost like, but Linza and other wights look solid?

15. Who, besides Sliske, have summoned wights before?

16. What do the Godless think, or thought of when Vorago was representing them during the fight against Tuska?
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17. Can you give us a small example on what the Godless do? Like Kara-Meir was busy attending to something else that she couldn't be at Tuska during the event, so what is it that the Godless task their members in doing?

18. Invention is such a great skill, and in lore we sort of got a good example on how they evolve in the world. So when will we be able to use them against maybe divine, or god-like beings.

19. Are the Godless using invention themselves? If so what are their goal in trying to create?

20. Can you give us a list of what race have joined the Godless so far?

21. Do the Godless have an HQ somewhere? If so when will we be able to visit it?

22. How do the Guardians of Guthix feel about the Godless and their goal?

23. Will we ever have more remade lore on other location, like king arthur?

24. I've noticed that there are no post-quest dialogue on Children of Mah, besides Kochies, was this an overlook? Also why isn't there one for Sliske's endgame? Vorago and Seren don't seem to give any new dialogue.

25. When will the Godless Emissary's dialogue be updated on events that pass, like the Faction's victory over Tuska? Same with other NPC that take note of the world, like Juna.

26. Zanik has stated that she met up with Owen, but she noted nothing about his corruption, was that fixed already?

27. Sliske did not attend the Children of Mah event, so what method did he find to avoid the lost of power that was getting worse? Does he still loses his power since he didn't attend the ritual? Or he did just missed out on the power boost?

28. Seeing the Fallen Nihil, why was it deemed a failure by Zaros, when it seemed to have grown just like Nex did, was there a power difference? Or did the fallen nihil grew after Zaros left them.
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29. Speaking of Nihil, as Muspah are starting to disappear, would this put the Nihil in danger of no longer being able to produce new members to their race? Are Mah's Nightmare a replacement for that?

30. What were to happen if a Guthixian or Godless died and was sent into the afterlife, would they be in limbo until they decide? Or would their strongest belief be what decides for them? Also why are the afterlives labeled after the gods?

31. So according to Kindred spirit It has been at least 3-4 years since Guthix died. Can you give us a small list containing the major events on the 6th age and the year they took place in? Also when is the "new year" for Gielinor, is it irl new year, or Tribute of Guthix's?

32. Is it possible for humans, or other humanoid creatures to do magic without runes?

33. Date with Sliske, when?

34. Where is our church and altar to Brassica Prime!?

35. How did Death become the grim reaper, was it due to the fact that he was the first mortal to die on Gielinor, and it is something that automatically happens or was it Guthix that appointed him the task? Also, when did Guthix give death the limit he claims to have now?

36. When will we be seeing the last two guardians of Guthix, can you give us some details on them, like what race are they, are they unique, d othey have tasks that prevented them into joining the other Guardians too protect Guthix, and what is their Task?

37. Is the seventh age still planned? If so would there be some kind of time skip?

38. According to Mod Mark in the last Runefest, We can't rely on Vorago with the Elder god we will be facing, why is that, is it because he won't be able to kill an elder god, because it's our job to try and prove mortals is worth living, or is it because he would let them do their job?

39. Be honest, was Zaros really going to help the Mahjarrat, or did he have other plans until Zamorak forced him to with the pact the two made?
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40. What are the ranking system in the Godless, from high to low (if you can list them.)

41. Can the Godswords actually kill a god, or is it just a legend spread by the followers?

42. When will a Godless quest be released, if one is being worked on?

43. What can you tell us about the Queen of Ashes, is she worst than Bandos as V stated, or is she just misunderstood?

44. Are wights able to collect divine energy/train in Divination and in other skill? Also are ALL wights/undead controlled by Sliske actually free? If so where does this put Nomad at?

45. What is the Cradle the Cywir journal mentions. As well as the Great Flame, and the Hunllef?

46. What reason did Jas have in Sliske being her agent? What was he tasked to do?

47. How does the Dwarf Multifire canon, Oldak coil and the Kinetic cyclone work in lore? I know they are made to automatically attack several targets, but how do they not attack the user or an ally of the user?

48. According to the Scopulus during the Tuska comes event, that the reason Vorago represented the Godless was because they shared the same belief, that Gods should not force themselves upon the people of the world and have agendas. Is this really Vorago's belief, despite in Sliske's Endgame he said that he didn't care?
49. How powerful is the Scopulus on Tuska, is he powerful enough to fight against the airuts alone if they invaded? IF so how does he feel about the Godless being there to help?

50. Will invention ever be something that allows you to augment items lower than 70?

51. When was the eastern world discovered, was it during the Godswar? If so was that location a place where the mortals traveled to avoid conflict?

52. Are the Gods able to go to the eastern Isle? If so what would they plan on doing there?

53. What is the distinction between dimensions, alternate timelines, universe, and worlds within the RuneScape canon?
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54. What happened to the Siphon, do we have it, or is it now lost within the dungeon we were forced out of? If we keep it, will we ever have it as some kind of reward as well? Maybe an override or an actual weapon?

55. Why isn't Sliske's Endgame replayable? It was planned for it to be replayable.

56. According to Mods in the Sliske's Endgame Livestream, our world guardian power is a defensive mechanism, can you give us an example on other ways it would activate?

57. Can we get more history on the Light Creatures and how they tie in with Elven history?

58. When will we be able to see Vorago's Power armor? I am disappointed that it wasn't added as the outcome of Tuska's event like planned, we will be seeing this new armor during a new world event?

59. Will there be any more world events?

60. Is Zanik still part of/aligned to the Godless?
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1. What are the gods doing when they're not sitting there chatting with us?

2. Will we ever find out what happened to King Vallance?

3. What is Adrasteia's relationship with her father like?

4. Do the wizards of the Wizards' Tower have any knowledge of lunar spells? Are they able to cast them?

5. How much freedom does Saradomin give his followers to choose how they should live their lives?

6. Saradomin claims after Sliske's Endgame that he will create a utopia for all races. Would he strive to create a society where races such as demons or Mahjarrat could live in peace with humans?

7. What exactly was the sentient race other than the icyene that was native to New Domina?

8. Did the Temple Knights in the Fourth and Fifth Ages really communicate directly with Saradomin?

9. What metal is the Saradomin sword wielded by Zilyana made of?

10. Are there any gods other than the ones we know about who fought in the God Wars? If so, how many?

11. Would it be accurate to say that Saradomin has a personal hatred of the Dragonkin beyond merely being a target of theirs? He seems quite adamant that they're nothing more than beasts who deserve to die.

12. How old is the current cycle of the universe?

13. If an age ended (for instance, the transition from the Fifth Age to the Sixth Age) in the middle of the year, would year 1 of the new age be only half a year long?

14. Is the rune essence infinite? If not, will magic eventually die out without the Stone to make more essence?

15. Is divination energy infinite?
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1. Will we ever get any more content regarding the Elder Zaros mentions as "Not of form but something else.."?

2. Do any of the mahjarrat actually like the world guardian other than Kharshai? Sliske made it clear he didn't. None of the Zamorakians seem to even Hazeel seems indifferent to us if we freed him. Azzanadra is only about things that help Zaros and Wahlly seemed to think it was funny that Sliske tried to turn us into a Wight.

3. How did Sliske learn so much about Xau-Tak from the reading of Death at Sea in the second age he knew nothing, yet in End game he mentions Xau's current state. Did he learn this from the stone? Jas?
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1. The Shadow Sword, is it a sword made in the Shadow realm and brought over?

2. This is a stretch, but is there a Smoke and Blood realm?

3. Are there other types of magic that have yet to be discovered? (Just a yes/no is fine)

4. Some items from Dungeoneering have strange effects, such as Shadow Silk. Would they retain any special abilities if brought outside Daemonheim?

5. Get ready for Ctho questions from me. How much can a Ctho do with the ability to shape shift? Does it go beyond "become this, become that"? Could a Ctho, hypothetically, become half man, half bear, and half pig?

6. Were all surviving Cthos sent to the Abyss? Could any have escaped being sent beforehand?

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1. Guthix called Atrew an 'aquamancer' in his memory (Aqua being a Latin/Infernal root word compared to Necro or Geo being Greek/Teragardian), while Wizard Myrtle is referred to as a 'hydromancer'. Is this just a mistake in consistency, or did magic have different names in ancient times due to the Empire's influence on language?

2. Can a human (or other race requiring runes for magic) train themselves beyond the need for runes?

3. Do all chthonians have the ability-absorption power, and how does it work?

4. What IS shadow magic? Does it solidify shadows (Vanstrom solidifying darkness), does it enter a person's body and corrupt their muscles and nerves (hence the damage reducing effect), does it draw upon the Shadow Realm, maybe all of the above in some mix? Is it weakened by light?

5. What's the difference between anima and divine energy? Is divine energy just a form of concentrated anima?

6. Is the act of souls going to the Underworld and Afterlife just a way of returning their anima to the planet? And-- Souls ARE a form of anima, right?

7. There ARE schools of magic beyond what the spellbooks show us and what appears in-game, right? Such as mind magic, nature magic, light magic, and so on?

8. Can we get more info on the Infernal Demons? Any at all? They seem to be the most magically varied, definitely, compared to chthonians and avernics. What else is there?

9. Are onyxes from the TzHaar the same as onyxes in real life? Because onyxes in real life are just a form of common quartz, so TzHaar onyxes are likely something different - just with the same name, right?

10. Can we get more info/lore on the undead? There are wights, skeletons, ankous, and so on. Does the necromancer decide the degree of sentience/sapience they get, and what skills they get to keep (such as magic in the case of Ahrim or skeleton mages)? How does necromancy WORK? Does it screw with Death's "dead person" radar, making him think they're still alive unless he sees them in person?
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1. It was great to see Azzanadra in Endgame wanting to preserve his people, like Kharshai, by telling Moia the truth on why half-breeds are not and will never be the future of the Mahjarrats--it'd dilute their bloodline; ruin the purity of their race if you will.

How can the Mahjarrat race be saved when its numbers are so low, and there's only one female?

2. Will we ever get to Teregard and explore the history and heritage of our own race? It'd be cool if we ever got that.

3. In Endgame, Zaros was willing to kill us over the Stone. I would've given it to him anyways, is there a way to call him out?

3.b) This isn't the first time Zaros didn't appreciate us, remember TLW when he got pissed off over Seren in Freneskae? When will he ever start acknowledging us?

4. Can you kill off Angof?


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