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1. What would happen if a Cthonian ate a Phoenix? If the heat would be an issue, what if the Cthonian had eaten a dragon or some other creature that could withstand high heats?

2. How do Abyssal Demons teleport? Are they small blinks or spells?

3. Do Cthonians need runes? Does it depend on their power?

4. Can you clarify on the Cthonians' ability to devour and absorb another creature? I'm pretty sure they go for the Anima Mundi of the thing they eat, but i'm pretty sure a dead thing's anima mundi leaves the body, but wouldn't eating the body still yield the memories and form of it?

5. How far can enchantments go? Could, lore-wise, a magic user enchant an item to hold a spell, sealing and storing it until need later on?

6. Are there other realms a being can enter besides the Shadow realm? If so, would they be able to get there through focus/meditation/etc.?

7. The Vyre are difficult to fight because you either need silver and it's also stated a flail weapon is best, as they wouldn't be able to predict its randomness. How do the Vyre tell a person's action? Is it a natural ability, someone like instincts or is it an innate mind-reading skill?

8. What is the creature we see in the Zarosian Shadow/Praetor outfits? Any lore behind what they specifically are? My guess is the S/P are shadow minions of Zaros, but it'd be cool to know.


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1, Why did Guthix not banish Brassica Prime?
2, Can you please give Tiny Kharshai dialouges?
3, Can you fix rejuvinated Hazeel issue in Children of Mah? You have in cache. He needs fixed up til the point of Zamorak's self sacrifice, and also a dialouge alteration when he speaks to Akthanakos. "I would keep your voice down if I were you, Akthanakos. You are so feeble you have reverted to your skeletal form already!"
P.S. I sent a bug report since I found this glitch, yet nothing happened.
4, Will other gods beside Seren and Zaros do something about Elder Gods? Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl would most likely not want the world to end, and given Bik is on Entrana, Saradomin at least should show up.
5, Is the Mahjarrat storyline going to be as much of a pillar as the Stone of Jas, Dragonkin and Elder God one?

Sixth and my MOST important question of all
6, Why was Dishonour among thieves not made any impact on Sliske despite you know a soj user world guardian and tier 4 SoJ user god blasted a non god Mahjarrat? Mods said Sliske would be affected by it yet was ignored completely in the entire Countdown.

Zamorak: You have my gratitude and respect, Player. Sliske will be gravely wounded from our combined attack. You were a worthy ally to have on our side today.

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1) With all of the battles from The World Wakes and The Battle of Lumbridge, all the way up to the ones in Nomad's Elegy and Sliske's Endgame, is there a canonical name for this "war"?
A few of us had placeholder names on the Wikia (like 6th Age conflicts or Second Gielinor God Wars), but we don't know what the official name for it is, like how the original 3rd Age God Wars were "The God Wars".

Note: basically referring to the events in The World Wakes, Battle of Lumbridge, Bird and the Beast, Tuska Comes, Missing Presumed Death, Dishonor Among Thieves, Hero's Welcome, Nomad's Elegy, The Heart of Gielinor, Kindred Spirits, and Sliske's Endgame (and indirectly The Mighty Fall and Children of Mah)

2) What happened to Nomad after Sliske's Endgame? We know he's
a wight
gets beaten up a lot
But is his character "done"? or what?

3) Will you ever tell the story of what the Standing Stones north of Falador are for?

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1) What ever happened to the Karamjan god?

2) @Osborne, you said in 2012 that your favorite god is a god who isn't a god yet. Was this referring to Sliske, some other god currently ingame, or a god we haven't seen yet?

3) @Osborne, you said at one point you would retcon the Camelot series if you could. Has your opinion changed since then, and is there any other lore that you wish could be retconed? (Other jmods can answer this last question)

4) @Osborne, will we still be getting God Sagas?

5) Is Seers Village Guthixian or Saradominist? It has a Saradominist Church, but I believe it was indicated as Guthixian in a map on the official wiki.

6) There has been lots of Xau-Tak references in 6th age quests. Are these merely teasers for the pirate finale, or will Xau-Tak have relevance outside of the pirate series?

7) Will Lake Crystalmere have any relevance in future content?

8) Can we get a Guthixian quest? Bandos got his after he died, and I think Guthixians deserve a quest to properly "respond" to Guthix's death. What do they do now that Guthix is dead? What is their position on Sixth Age? Did they all turn godless, or maybe only a small fraction became godless? If the latter, what is their relationship with the godless? etc.

9) Are there any plans to "fix" the Slug series and/or give it a sequel? One silly idea that has been floating is that Mother Mallum is still alive, and the end of that quest was one giant hallucination.
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1. Post-Sliske's Endgame, could the World Guardian now count as part-Mahjarrat in a sense -- and would they be able to use the energy from Daemonheim's portals similarly to how Moia could in the Nadir saga?

2. The Mahjarrat are obviously good with magic in general, but is there any lorey reason behind some having specific abilities while others don't? It's been made explicit that Khazard inherited his ability to manipulate the Shadow Realm from Palkeera, but Lucien didn't have a power over memories for Moia to inherit (unless her human mother, whoever she was, had the power and was somehow able to pass it on -- seems unlikely though). Is there something like dominant/recessive genes going on here, or are specialised Mahjarrat abilities not solely hereditary?

3. One of my favourite aspects of Dishonour Among Thieves was the multiple opportunities it gave me to insult Zemouregal, all of which I gladly took. Can you at least hint at whether the World Guardian will be able to insult Zemouregal further in upcoming quests? And seeing as I mentioned her in both of my other questions, can Moia get in on the insulting Zemouregal action? I bet she'd want to.

(If you'd rather keep this under wraps, what with the rumoured upcoming Insulting Zemouregal skill, I understand.)

EDIT: Time for some Godless questions!

4. Do Biehn/Kara-Meir/Garlandia have anything in the way of contingency plans for if they do manage to get the gods off Gielinor, however that may be?

5. We really don't know much about Biehn. Seems to be working behind the scenes, if at all. So how come he's the faction's leader, when Kara-Meir has consistently been far more prominent? What does he actually do as a leader? (And what's his favourite colour?)

6. As the Godless tend not to wear much in the way of clothes, does Biehn take the lead in this by going around naked... and is this why we haven't seen him?

(out of room, more on page 9!)
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1: According to the balance elemental in wgs it was at our funeral and the player was their friend, in memorial of guthix we learn that the balance elemental is made up of 5 people and 1 (a female) who is also a time traveler from our future and she is also a world guardian. Will more story come with this new world guardian?

2: In the memorial of guthix, guthix states that a "male" using the Amserdrwys came and spoke to him and told him of the events that will happen, (this is not the player as the player comes at the end of the 3rd age) Is this the beginning of a new story arc? will new quests come along with this story ?
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Oh boy! I get to bust out Limeís Long List of Lore Lquestions again! Here goes:

1. Where the hell is Elidinis?

2. What were the Dwarves like when they had their magic? Were they as inventive, or were they just Short Humans? If a god were to choose to, could their curse be stripped?

3. Who built the Wilderness Wall? Why?

4. How did the Mirza Dynasty come to power, and come across the Kharid-ib?

5. Was Abbinah always as terrible a place as it currently sounds like?

6. How do the Fairy Dragons exist? Did the Dragonkin decide to make one for fun one day?

7. Does the city of Palingrad still exist, or are all penguins elsewhere now? Who is the Pescallion? What are the other nine sons of the Pescallion doing? Walter tells me that he suspects theyíre doing increasingly unlikely, ridiculous, and just plain weird things.

8. Who is the leader of the Fettucine Mafia? What will his rise to power be like? (IS IT ONE OF THE OTHER NINE SONS?!)

9. How did Pirates deal with the Age of Quin?

10. What is Jennicaís connection to the Strange Old Man at Barrows? Is he really another son of the Pescallion? Could the Strange Old Man be Gargon, the lost Farmer? Could HE be a son of the Pescallion?

11. How do the Overworld, the Spirit Plane, the Spirit Realm, the Arc Spirit Realm, the Shadow Realm, and the Underworld all fit together?

12. How different was Fremennik Society when V was around? Was it more Militarized/Hostile? More Magical? Is V where they got the RuneCrafting-is-for-gods ideology?

13. What was Dragonkin Society like before the Last Revision? Was it Autocratic, technocratic? Did they have an Enemy race? Have Dragonkin in general changed after their society was decimated? Were they ruled by one of the sons of the Pescallion?

14. What was Tumekenís role in the early Menaphite Civilization? What was Elidinisí role in the civilization before Tumekenís Scourging? Does the Library of Menaphos have information about this and that time?

(cont 1)
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15. What even was the previous universe like? Was it more hostile or more peaceful? Did they have the same kind of magic as us? Was it more interconnected?

16. Was Magic effectively the same in other Revisions of the Universe? For instance, did Dragonkin have the same kind of magic as we do, or were the rules of the previous revision completely different from this one?

17. What happened to that Assassin guy from Devious Minds and the Temple at Senntisten? Where did he even *learn* how to use a bowsword?

18. Does Teragard think Saradomin will return soon, or are they fully well aware that he would be gone for a while

19. Did Saradomin have any influence on the Human Exodus across the Galaxy? Did he come before or after the Exodus? Was one of the reasons he set out because of it?

20. What happened to Charos? Was he abducted by another son of the Pescallion?

21. Is Oreb still on Gielinor? Is he still alive? Is he two sons of Pescallion standing on top of eachother?

22. How did Tumeken manage to create other gods if he wasnít nearly at the level of power required to do that? Was Tumeken once much more powerful? Could have have been on the power level of Zaros himself once?

23. Whatís up with that weird machine under Pollnivneach? How old is it? Who built it?

24. Could one make a new soul by stitching together the souls of others? I need to know by tomorrow.

25. Are there western lands?

26. Why donít the Aviansie make any sense? How did they grow anything except flying cacti? How did they become so skilled at smithing when the two things that their race required for armor: Light weight and flexibility, are the two things that metal armor is the worst at giving? Where did they even extract the ore from when they needed those rocks to live on?!

27. Were there any settlements in Kandarin before the Fourth Age?

(cont 2)
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28. Who was Camorra? We know she was a hero, and that she fought a Dragon once, but we know more about Bukkala than we know about her!

29. What happened during the Rune Wars? We know that in the Second Age, there were a large amount of wars over who controlled the runes, but what did those wars look like? How did they coincide with the initial God Imperialism?

30. What exactly happened at the Battle of Uzer? Who were the sides - was Azzanadra (and how much of a Zarosian force did he bring?) really present, and was Uzer under Saradominist or Menaphite (or both) control? How long was it, and why did Thammaron choose to start his attack from the basement of the central keep? Were there more Mahjarrat than just Azzanadra and Palkeera, and what about Demons?

31. How old is Saradomin?

32. How old is Saradominís daughter?

33. What is the Obsidian Tribunal? Are they the sons of the Pescallion? Where are their worlds?

34. Queen of Ashes Ė what *is* she? When did she come by Freneskae to find the Vengeful Nihil?

35. What defines what a Golem is? Is it just a construct animated with magic (in which case, does that mean Vorago is a glorified Golem? ARE WE GOLEMS?!) or are there more criteria?

36. How exactly would the Dagganoth have tried to pull off the Day of Rising? Do they have weird Dagganoth Voodoo where they can flood the entire world?

37. Is the Faladian Royal Family just King Vallance and Prince Anlaf, or are there others?

38. How successful were the expeditions to Acheron in the past? Were some more successful than others? Did they ever manage to make a settlement?

39. How many gods are running around the universe? Why havenít we run into one while we have been running around the universe on slayer tasks and quests?

40. How many gods were in the previous universe?

41. Where exactly do Gorajo come from?

(cont 3)
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