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42. Did Dwarves and Gnomes know about eachother when they both went underground during the God Wars? Did they interact? Did they have a "waiting it out" club?

43. What would it be like if we opened a stronger channel of anima into other animals and stuff, like Guthix did for Argento?

44. What is the effect of the Amserdrewys timey wimey key thingy on Jas?

45. How did Pirates deal with the Age of Quin?

46. Does Icthlarin believe Tumeken to be actually dead or not? We get mixed signals from him. What do the other Desert Gods think?

47. How does Aeternam exist outside of time? What does it mean to be a frozen witness sharded across time?

48. What is the Great Wheel? I assume it means “the Galaxy.” What does it mean for the Great Wheel to spin?

49. Are the facts that Gielinor is the center of the universe, Zanaris is Gielinor’s moon, and Zanaris being like the center of webs of the universe have any significant connection?

50. If Gielinor needs fairies to maintain the weather balance, then what about other planets?

51. The fairies are said to do their jobs without complaint, but what about the Fairy Godfather? Why did he try to overthrow the Fairy Queen?

52. Why are gnomes so widespread? It seems like everywhere we go there is some gnomic ambassador or another?

53. How long has General Khazard been at war with the Gnome Village?

54. Do the Arposandran gnomes just warp Tortoises and Terrorbirds? What exactly is the warping process? What exactly is being done to give them intelligence?

55. Since Gnomes from Arposandra were present for the Red Axe changing dwarves into Chaos Dwarves, does that mean that a similar process is being done on those dwarves as the Warped Terrorbirds?

56. What is the Codex elder artifact? Does it contain lore?

57. Now that the Elder Gods are awakening, how will that impact the TzHaar? Their masters are returning!

(cont 4)
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58. How did Temekel survive Tumeken’s Scourging? Was he just that powerful? Was he a son of the Pescallion?

59. What exactly is the purpose of Mummification? How does it work? How does it keep Senliten in the present so that her descendents can talk with her?

60. What kinds of weapons did the Elemental Workshop make? Was it just the runic gear, because that doesn’t really seem dangerous enough to warrant closing down the workshop, especially compared to all the stuff we’ve seen in the 6th age.

61. How did Humanity spread across Gielinor? Was it all through the World Gate? Was Wushanko one of the last regions colonized by Humans?

62. How did sea orphans and mermaids come to be? Are they offshoots of humans?

63. What’s the relationship between Giants and Cyclopes? For that matter, what about Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Ice Giants, Chaos Giants?

64. The Fremennik were said to worship spirits like the Draugen, Fossegrimen, and Kendal. Are there any determinate amount or just “a lot”? What role do they play in Fremennik Folklore? Any interesting ones?

65. At some point, it was mentioned that the Jaldraocht pyramid, the one Azzanadra was imprisoned, was originally built to imprison something other than Azzanadra. What was this?

66. What was Amascut up to during the god wars? Was she still on the prowl causing destruction? Why has Amascut’s plan taken this long when there were so many other points where she could’ve intercepted the Kharid-ib?

67. Who was the Jaleustrophos Agility Pyramid built for? Was/is he important? Was it a son of the Pescallion?

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68. Now that the dragonkin have been freed from their curse, are they able to reproduce and rebuild their civilization (provided they wanted to, like after they burn everything)?

69. Previous to the Dragonkin, have Elder Gods ever directly interacted with Mortals?

70. Why do people have a fixation on building cities onto or into Elder Gods? Dwarves got both parts of Wen (or either place she is) Ullek was built on AND into Jas, Ful has the TzHaar, and Entrana was built on top of Bik. Are they just the ideal places to build cities?

71. Karamja apparently had a god. Who was he/she?

72. How do the Cult of the Black Mask, Cave Horrors, and Xau-tak all fit together? And the Odd old man?

73. Does Xau-Tak have anything to do with other terrible things from the ocean, like the Sea Slugs, the Dagganoth, or the Crassians? Is Xau-tak a son of the Pescallion?

74. How do you think Gielinor will look in 1,000 years, provided the Elder gods or some other son of the Pescallion doesn't destroy everything?

75. What is a lore? Does it taste good?
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1. Will Sliske's ambiguous tie to the player character's soul forcibly affect choices, and render player-choice invalid, in future content as it did when choosing to tell Icthlarin you heard him laughing during Endgame?

2. When did Sliske come into contact with Jas, and how early in the sixth age was he acting as her agent?

3. Will it possible to prevent one of the god deaths that Harold-Death talks about in Endgame if you ask him?

4. So Raven gave me a second voice in my head instead of the piece of my soul back. Is my soul permanently scarred now? A fraction of the whole it once was?

5. So the Elder Gods were waking in Heart of Stone, and yet Jas urges them all to collectively wake in Endgame. What's the difference, or was the anima draining caused in HoS just an alarm clock they pressed the snooze button on?

6. Will the Pirate Series and Xau-Tak still continue, with Mod Wilson now leaving? How much of his original design will be used?

7. So there was a previous World Guardian, we're not so unique after all. Possible to meet them?

8. Why is the Player Character so dumb? Clueless? Etc. It's amusing at times, but also there are many face-palm moments that make me question if they truly have the potential everyone seems to see in them.

9. So the stone blew up, that's nice. Will we be able to visit other worlds and planes in the meantime, while everyone is figuring out what's the next best artefact to get on Gielinor?

10. If we pass the Elder God's tests, can we ask them more than one question? Lore pl0x.

11. So with Mah dead, is it now CANON that Elder Gods CAN die?

12. Will you approve the release of DOC2 yet, Osborne? And put Stu as head developer?

13. Penguins.

14. Is Andrasteia adopted, or Saradomin's biological daughter?

15. Thank you for answering any of these. If you do.
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1)So did DoD Guthix kill the other gods instead of banishing them? (Wish I could draw, would draw this epic version of Armadyl petrified with the sword of edicts impaled through him)

2)Any plans to do anything with the Bandosians since Zanik died rather quickly?

3)Any chance of us getting a stone of jas timeline that shows who it passed between?

4)Just wanted to point out that The Light Within cutscene between Zaros and Seren always struck me as a lorefail that they weren't in their simulacrum forms, doubt they'd know what dresses, robes, and runic symbols were on an empty planet in the middle of no where space.

5) Is it will canon that Zamorak and Zaros are both impaled on the SoA. Zaros says yes, CoM cutscenes really don't show it.
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1) How powerful are the Mahjarrat now?

2) In Zaros' deal, he stated that the Gods owed him a favor once Sliske's game was over. Sliske said his game was over before Zaros acted on the deal. Why did this still have an effect?

3) What will the Gods do now? Is the war cancelled?

4) Are the deaths of the Gods set in stone? Or can they be stopped?

5) Likewise, is the World Guardian destined to fail and die? Or can this death be prevented?

6) To what purpose does Zaros continue to persue Elder Godhood?

7) What did Jas need an agent for? Why did she want to asemble all the Young Gods?

8) Would Zaros have still saved the Mahjarrat even if Zamorak didn't make the deal?

9) What tier is Zamorak after CoM? How much power did Zaros gain? What tier is Seren, having not participated in the ritual? How much did Mah drain her?

10) Could the Stone of Jas be fixed? Are the Dragonkin free from their curse?

11) Zaros claims he did not know about Char's fall at Zamorak's hands. Was he lying or could he not see Char's imagine in Zamorak's head?
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How many quests are planned for 2017?

Can we expect the Mahjarrat to play an even greater role in lore given their newfound power?
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Please answer as much as possible. They are ordered by most important.

1. Since we know all the lesser desert pantheon's beliefs from Jex, can you tell us a bit about what are Tumeken and Elidinis' core beliefs and ideologies? How do they expect their followers to behave?

2. What's the deal about the desert gods and the animal aspects? Tumeken = hawk, Elidinis = hippo, etc.? Is Tumeken an Aviansie?

3. Mod Osbourne said in a reddit post that there was an elder artefact somewhere in the Kharidian Desert. Is that still true? And is it the one Tumeken used to ascend?

4. When can we expect to see the Sun God and River Goddess in all their glory in-game? This year?

5. Can you tell us anything about the the Kharid-ib at all?

5. What are Xau-tak's and the Queen of Ashes' core ideas and beliefs? ;)

6. Was Ful the only other Elder God other than Jas to create an elder artefact? Or did Wen and Bik also create a few of the twelve artefacts? (The Kiln)

7. Is Mah's ritual marker in Children of Mah considered a brand new Elder Artefact?

8. What does the Elder Horn actually do? Is it some kind of special mouthpiece like the mouthpieces Jas used to communicate with us in Sliske's Endgame? Is it used to communicate with divine energy-based races like seacreatures and Tokhaar?

9. How do the Moonclan cast magic without runes?

10. What does the Template and Codex do? ;)

11. Are vampyres considered undead?
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1) Where do ents come from?

2) Are the Arposandrans pure evil? Or will we hear more of their side of the story in future quests?

3) Approximately how many dragon kin are still alive?

4) Will the Arposandrans be used to reveal more lore about anima?

5)Why has the 6th age been so (comparatively) bloodless compared to the 3rd age?

6) How has King Roald reacted to Saradomin's return? Why haven't the gods claimed direct control over the territories held by their followers?

7) In Heart of Stone, Ariane references scraps of old documents that contain information on the elder gods. What civilization(s) made these documents and how did they find out about the elder gods?

8) Is there a formal head of the Church of Saradomin? Who is this character and is he/she in game?

9) Where are the Magisters of Teragard located? Are they clustered together in a central city or are they scattered about the planet in individual estates?

10) How do the Kinshra gain food, weapons, armour, etc? Do they hold farmland or are they very successful bandits?

11) What are your plans (if any) to integrate the Tower of Life into modern lore?

12) Could divination be used to get lore on dead gods other than Guthix?

13) Is it a canon possibility for GWD bosses to be permanently killed?

14) Why hasn't the Poison Wastes generated a anima guardian of its own?

15) Will we ever learn why Saradomin decided to destroy Askroth?

16) What is the dwarf home world like? What is the gnome home world like?

17) Where does Menaphos get its food from?

18) How did the Skulls end up in both Draynor and the Wushanko islands? What is the history of the gang?

19) What did Camorra do during her time as a hero?

20) Are Musa Point and Brimhaven independent city states? If not, what country controls them?

21) How did Elvarg destroy all of Crandor? Could any green dragon destroy a city, or is she much stronger than an ordinary green dragon?

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Ok lets see, what could I ask......guess I'll ask some stuff I'm curious about before asking my main interest:

1. Now with the myreque quests finished a few questions rise for me.....:
first will we ever find out what happened to Polmafi Ferdygris?
second considering vampyrium is one of the locations on the world gate are there set plans for us visiting vampyrium, or is this not set in stone yet?
third are there other vampyre clans in vampyrium like noble clans? or are they more animalistic, or perhaps tribal to say it in another way? also what kind of interaction drakan had with them?
finally why is drakan the only vyre that looks like him (more animalistic) even during the time of the empire, I assumed he had that appearance due to somehow devolving but that doesn't seem to be the case, are there other vyres similar to him we havent met?

2. now that the wights are free from Sliske, can we expect another nomad fight in the future?

3. When we met V he mentioned other hero gods, will we meet these gods in the future? or are there other mentions of them ingame?

4. When Zaros sent nex to get Saradomins daughter, was that a kidnap or a rescue? I imagine she was at the obsidian tribunal by her own will but thats just my guess:p

5. Have u decided how will the last guardians of Guthix look like or what species they are? are they new species or perhaps races we have met before? also why did the other guardians didn't appear in tww?

6. Are there guardians of guthix who joined the rank of the godless? what do each guardian of guthix think about the godless?

7. With Zaros or Seren helping with the aviansie does that mean there wont be rop?

8. why didn't other gods attend sliskes game? like the hero gods mentioned by v, or xau tak or the queen of ashes? same goes for amascut

continuing on next post

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