Entrana is Bik? :O?

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Hguoh said:
Lethalintent said:
Has it not always been obvious?

I am very excited, and infact find it to be one of 2017s only saving graces that not only do we continue the elder god storyline in a big way, but Entrana, like me, Azzanadra, Balustan, and countless others have always wanted, gets DESTROYED.

Very excited for this quest. Hopefully it's in the first half of 2016 :)

Don't bet on Entrana's total destruction. It happens to have a hops patch on it, and I find it unlikely that Jagex would punish questers by removing it from the game after completing the quest.

I think its likely we'll get a new instanced version of "Entrana" after the quest. It'll probably just be rubble or something with all the gameplay stuff like hops still there.
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17-Sep-2016 18:36:53

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