Sliske's Endgame: Part II

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I hate to say it, but I have to agree with the trailer being pretty terrible.

I don't know who they got to do the voiceover, but good lord, he has some pretty weird emphasis' on some of those words ("Sliske's Endgame draws near and only two things are sir-ten"...). I feel like he was name-dropping another Temple Knight rather than saying the word "certain". Fully expected a trailer in the style of River of Blood, rather than some odd combination of epileptic images and weird voiceover.

And given how this series is built around the idea of gaining scores on the God Scoreboard, is this even going to play a role here? It doesn't seem like any God has any role to play here without being shoehorned in, or one being created just to kill off à la Elegy. Of course, I'm sure whatever happens it'll still somehow lead to Sliske having another win, and rendering the idea behind the Scoreboard effectively obsolete (which is probably the intended purpose at this point). I'm not really sure what to expect from this quest now, but I do know that trailer didn't exactly help set the tone or help me put aside my concerns.

I'm still obviously waiting for the quest itself before passing judgment, but still.
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