Sliske's Endgame: Part II

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This quest is coming soon, we need moar theories. I can give a quick rundown on the story details:

-Barrows Sister is likely a NEW character, since nobody else makes sense to be her anyways and the only ones who kindof did were confirmed not to be her
-Dialogue is more "personal", apparently having something to do with ONLY requiring Missing, Presumed Death
-Explores the true importance of the Barrows Brothers and may show us more of Sliske's character and any secrets he may be hiding
-We will try to break Sliske's hold over them, but perhaps they dont want to be rescued, also want to note that if we DO rescue them how will the Barrows minigames work now?
-Strange Old Man will likely not be important due to Jennica not being the Barrows Sister (whyyyy?). But I believe there is a possibility where he is the starting point of the quest(notifies us of strange happenings and a new crypt showing up?)

Is there any way to free them? Maybe we have to call upon Icthlarin and Death once again to help us, but i feel that is unlikely.
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