Obsidian Tribunal Revealed?

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Agnes sounds like too "human" a name for an extra-dimensional master. I think they're based on Teragard, and the "Tribunal" (A court or council) is in fact, the Seven Magisters of Teragard, which mirrors the council of the Seven of Aminishi.

Teragard's also known to do "dread science", which explains the mutation of the Agents, who all have scorpion like features, as seen by the examine texts.

Tbh it's entirely possible that they think they work for someone else, but really it's just XT, because who else would be in XT's dimension/world?

In addition, it explains how XT has agents on Teragard, the Tribunal. It's also entirely possible, albeit a stretch, that XT is this "false image of Saradomin" that the Magisters get everyone to worship, and why Saradomin hasn't returned to his homeworld despite being a God and easily able to lay the clap on all the Magisters at once.

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