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Zlatan bree

Zlatan bree

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Hi everyone! Its been a while so I haven't exactly kept up with lore in gielinor, so I'm turning to you guys! I'm sure a thread probably already exists for this but, exactly how powerful is the player character? We're capable of taking nex on alone and I understand she is capable of leveling armies, please discuss!

10-Jan-2017 03:31:04

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The Player, Adventurer, and now the World Guardian is overwhelmingly powerful, though this power can only be accessed at certain times. I'm assuming you don't care about spoilers since you came to the lore forums, but I'll spoiler-tag it anyways.

The World Guardian, at the end of Sliske's Endgame, unlocked their World Guardian mode. Unlimited adrenaline and infinite HP (maybe not infinite HP because Sliske kinda-sorta forgot to attack us at that phase). With Guthix's blessing we're able to resist the influence of godly abilities, and this seems to carry over (to some extent) against the Elder Gods, seeing as how we are able to resist and even dampen Mah's power in Children of Mah. This doesn't save us from getting one-banged by Jas, though with a bug you could use a Sign of Life to survive her smite if you insult her. Ahah, Jas, Guthix may not have been able to directly protect us from you, but I have this diamond ring and guthix's death-juice, what NOW?!, we're still able to tolerate a LOT MORE than you'd expect. We are able to directly combat and quite possibly become immune to Gods and their abilities, including when influenced by Elder Artifacts, when the world is threatened.
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After that, you're little more than a peak physical condition mortal with the ability to tap into a collection of magic and prayers, and learn almost anything at a technical level, but lack the in depth studies to truly "master" anything.

If you're expecting that at nearly 400 quest points, you're a living god. No.
But you are a rather capable mortal with world renown, and contacts and friends in all levels of leadership and influence the world over.

10-Jan-2017 14:09:04

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