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As part of a project the Guardians are working on, we're looking to create additional Guthixian Memories.

Building on the 15 Tribute to Guthix memories that focused on Guthix's mortal life as a naragi (and Seren's memories that expanded on her relationship with Guthix), the intention is to cover a broader range of key moments in Guthix's millennia-spanning history, up until his death.

We don't want to just re-hash what you already know, though. So my questions to you are...

What might you want to discover more about from Guthix's past?

What characters and events from his life that you don't know about would you like to know about?

What stories would you like to be told about Guthix?

If you'd rather respond on Reddit, you can also find a thread here:


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Akino Souma

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More of Guthix the nagari, of his casual normal life with wife and child. (daily line of diary style)

And about Guthix, new young god. between the time he became a god & came to gielnor.
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I'm most interested in how the Banishment of the lessers took place, his thought process issuing his decrees to each of them and how each of them played out, would they of all reacted like Bandos, charging at him head on?

Especially meeting Saradomin again after what he did to his world, enslaving his people.

We don't know much about the Guardians, what it means to be a guardian, and who the last two are.
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I'd also love to hear more about Guthix's relationship with Brassica Prime, Icthlarin, Marimbo, and V. We know that he didn't forcibly banish them when he established the edicts - he merely asked the latter two to leave. Icthlarin even refers to Guthix as his friend in Nomad's Elegy.

Memories establishing how Guthix chose his guardians is a must-have, IMO. The Roots in the Community lore story went into a bit, but left things pretty vague. Speaking of which, a memory about Harold becoming Gielinor's psychopomp would also be nice, we don't really have any information about that besides the windows in his office.
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- Why he chose some of the races that he brought to Runescape

- His first thoughts on some of the races he encountered

- Reasons why he chose not to bring some races to Runescape

- When he eventually learned about the Elder Gods and his first reactions

- His memories of creating the Balance Elemental

- His thoughts when he encountered Seren for the very first time

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Lord Drakan
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Stuff I'd like to see:

- How he first created runestones (how does one come up with such an idea, and were the localised storages of what we now call runic energy (where V7 and his gang later created the runecrafting altars, which then collapsed into pocket dimensions) his doing or already there) and had Misalionar and other people spread them

- How he reacted when awakened by the druids after Zamorak blasted Forinthry, and tasked Aeternam with freezing the GWD

- His creating the Balance Elemental (what is the Governance of Guthix?)

- Last interactions with the Guardians of Guthix before going back to sleep

- Dracs Melrose and his vision of Guthix
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It's funny because back in 2005-07 or so we knew very little about Guthix or his views, nowadays it's one of the most well known gods in the game. Personally I'm pretty tired of hearing from him, wasn't the whole point of the 6th age to forget about him and his Eddicts and start anew?

I don't know what else there's to know about him but I was always curious about:
- the Balance Elemental (so much potential)
- his first interactions with humans (we know the human's side from Meeting History)
- his views on other gods (besides Seren)
- if he made "mistakes" during his travels (like Saradomin with the Naragi)
- his opinion on the Stone of Jas and other Elder Artifacts.

Maybe add some hints to lore not related to him to motivate speculation?
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Chaos Lupus

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1.) It'd be great to learn more about his initial interactions with the races that he brought to Gielinor in detail. They can't all have gone smoothly, with no lack trust. How did the gnomes react differently than the dwarves or the human tribes? What were their home worlds like? Their societies? What did Guthix do while there?

2.) Guthix's interactions with the other gods (similar to Bandos, Seren, V, etc.) after awakening to establish the Edicts.

3.) Learning about the remaining Guardians of Guthix would be great.
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What I'd like to know:

- Cannonization as to whether or not the Runecrafting Rifts (the ones the altars were built on top of) and Pest portals were the result of Guthix messing about with the elder blade and why he was messing about with it if he is responsible.

- Choosing of the Guardians of Guthix (besides Cres and Juna since the Lores and Histories cover that)

- Some of his journeys through the multiverse before Gielinor (potentially some of his encounters with more recently revealed gods like Xau or lay the story hooks for stories on other planes).

- The balance elemental

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