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As part of a project the Guardians are working on, we're looking to create additional Guthixian Memories.

Building on the 15 Tribute to Guthix memories that focused on Guthix's mortal life as a naragi (and Seren's memories that expanded on her relationship with Guthix), the intention is to cover a broader range of key moments in Guthix's millennia-spanning history, up until his death.

We don't want to just re-hash what you already know, though. So my questions to you are...

What might you want to discover more about from Guthix's past?

What characters and events from his life that you don't know about would you like to know about?

What stories would you like to be told about Guthix?

If you'd rather respond on Reddit, you can also find a thread here:


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