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Iceey said:
So after 5 years, we finally know who the god is who's name is on the map as well as the Karamja Pantheon.

There are 3 members:

They seem to have gotten their power after they had died from a plague which was caused by Gara-Dul When Gara-Dul died, the three dead females were fully reborn with their skin and everything. I am going to assume this is when they became gods.

The book seems to take place on another planet apart from Gelinor. When they were revived, they vowed to find a new home, which I am going to assume was Karamja. The reason I think this is because it says "Where the Suns were 2", Gelinor only has 1 sun I believe. I don't think there is anywhere that states it has more than 1.

So what do you all think? I may have missed stuff in the book, but I am so glad they finally revealed the Karamja Pantheon and the fact that me and I think a few others were correct with Kharazi being the god's name that was on the map back when the Sixth Age first started.

But there IS a world with two suns.

Jemryn, AKA, the homeworld of the horrors/mwanu people, and apparently apes. Also known as Bobonosia.

Tis also the world where Xau-Tak appeared to the Mwanu and brought them to gielinor.

14-May-2018 18:20:10

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