For Bandos to be brought back?

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Its already been repeatedly stated by in-game sources and by devs that the soul of a god is destroyed upon death. The original Bandos could never return, though I wonder what could happen if one were to gather all the scattered memories of a god and insert them all in one's mind. That person would theoretically have all the memories of that god, could they end up taking on the same personality then? This reminds me of a character I was reading about recently from the DC comics, Swamp Thing, and how this could happen.

The story of Swamp Thing is that some scientist named Alec Holland was one day fatally wounded during an explosion at his lab in a swamp, where he was splashed with the dangerous bio chemicals he was working with. He later succumbed to his wounds in the swamp, but the chemicals caused the plant life to absorb his memories and personality, leading to the creation of some hulking vegetable-like swamp monster. This creature, known as Swamp Thing, had all the memories and personality traits of Holland, but not his soul as the real Alec Holland died in that swamp, yet it still believed it was him, and tried his best to BE him.

Imo, this would be an interesting way for the Bandosian faction to gain a new leader, someone (possibly an Ogre Shaman) who claimed, and believed, he was the reincarnation of Bandos due to absorbing his memories. Of course his followers would fall for it due to their immense stupidity. Just a theory :P
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