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Greetings to friends and foes alike. I write today with a sense of the utmost urgency.

As we progress further into the Sixth Age, and delve more profoundly into the antiquities of the Elder Gods, and the other "gods", perhaps more questions are found than answers. Yet one integral theme remains perspicuous: that the other so-called deities underneath the Elder Gods are not real gods at all.

To begin, we start with a look at some of the younger "gods", Saradomin and Zamorak. As is common knowledge, Saradomin was originally a human, and Zamorak a Mahjarrat. Both ascended to power through the usage of Elder Artifacts, created by the Elder Gods. Through absorption of the power of the artifacts, what is mistaken for godhood was achieved. The true divine power came from the artifacts, and these beings are mere containers of it. Without this catalyst, Saradomin and Zamorak would be shells of what they are today, and with or without noble intentions, it is evident both beings are usurpers and thieves of what rightfully belongs to the Elder Gods.

Next up are Seren and Zaros. Both created by Mah to be physical manifestations of light and dark energy, they were nothing more than glorified playthings of the Goddess. Although powerful in their own rights, their scope is far too narrow in comparison of the omniscient Elder Gods to be considered deities. Guardians of what the Elder Gods deemed too trivial to guard themselves is perhaps a more generous title than they deserve.

As for miscellaneous beings such as Tuska and Guthix, they fall much into the first category. Both were members of ephemeral races before amassing an impressive amount of power via absorbing the power of a previous being. Although they are powerful, they cannot be considered gods. A sheep cannot be called a wolf, no matter how much it may strive to be.

To conclude: the Elder Gods are the only true Gods, and what others mistakenly call gods are nothing more than glorified charlatans.

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