Why are staves necessary?

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Beowulfe said:
Tlamovec said:
It's always better to write with a cheap junk pen rather than with your bare fingers soaked in ink, even if you have lvl 99 writing skill.

Granted, Ariane, wizards, dark wizards seem to fingerpaint just fine. So I wouldn't say that's the case.

With what spells exactly?

I don't believe they use combat attack spells without a staff... if they do it could be chalked up to part of their magical training- while they may not be perhaps 'high levelled' in the way the player is (ie. capable of using ice barrage and you know, annihilating a entire army if need be), they could have practiced that same spell thousands upon thousands of time, and worked out the accuracy so well, they don't need a staff to aim or channel the spell.

also, @ancient drew, you mentioned why we can't use small stones in ranged, we actually can if we use a charge bow (which used to be slings). Logically, you can't just shoot rocks with a bow, you need arrows due to their specific aerodynamic qualities, like normal archery.

This could also contribute to why some bows can't shoot some ammo, since some ammo may be to dense or heavy and the bow too weak and bendy to give enough elastic energy to effective propel it (without say, snapping if they tried to bend it enough)
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