The Mwanu identity (theory)

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Devil Vein said:

Whether you want to take this as canon but given Jagex had to completely decide and flesh out the past, I think its fair to say they will carry this view out forward.

But at RuneFest 2016, Osbourne said that Jas went to the Dragonkin homeworld to destroy it when the Elders went there seperate ways, the kin tried to take the stone from her and Jas seeing the kin wanted power, then decided to bound them to it to stop them wanting power. So this happened on their world, before Gielinor had even been created.

I don't think the Elders are aware of whats been going on, even Zaros said the Elders aren't omniscient. Why would they of let the Wilderness event in the God Wars happen which damaged the Anima Mundi in that area. I think Jas only awoke after the events of Heart of Stone.

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Devil Vein said:
Guthix "slept" as well but was still very much aware of everything that went on in the world.

In the form of dreams he didn't even know were accurate. He only learned that they were accurate when he checked on the surface after the damage caused to him by the Forinthry Explosion was stabilized (Sword of Edicts Engram). He did not automatically know that his dreams were accurate.

Devil Vein said:
However, we discover Jas is awake by the mortal definition and has been so for awhile for her to have given Sliske so much advice.

We also discover that Jas wasn't aware of Sliske's plan would lead to:

Player: Sliske's game would have started a war with the gods. It would have woken the elder gods on Gielinor and destroyed the world.
Voice of Jas: War?
Player:'s a conflict where large numbers of people kill each other for a single cause.

Which clearly shows that she is not omniscient and doesn't automatically know what all goes on on Gielinor. So the Dragonkin would have needed to do something to catch her attention in the first place, and they'd have no reason to seek her out. That leaves the 2 group hypothesis, which, as stated previously, is really freaking convoluted.

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No for 3 reasons:
1. The Kin don't refer to themseles as Mwanu anymore
2. Didn't that beast have a horn? The 12 are this revision's inventions.
3. Dragonkin are known as "evil bird spirits of the east". Take a note where the attack on Kethsi took place. Eastern settlements.

And besides, they can hop worlds.

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Makes you wonder, Sliske being an agent of Jas, was this part of Xau-Taks plan? Or was Sliske one of his strings... WE1- Aligned/
WE2- Aligned/
WE3 -Aligned/

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Devil Vein
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Devil Vein

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Renzler said:
Makes you wonder, Sliske being an agent of Jas, was this part of Xau-Taks plan? Or was Sliske one of his strings...

Well kitty-Tak did tell us Rabid Jack was just one of many strings. So its possible but I wouls doubt it. Sliske goes from knowing nothing of Xau in the second age to accurately describing him and calling him boring in the 6th age. To compare the two to two other fictional entities think of it this way, Sliske is Lex Luthor while Xau-Tak is Doomsday. Both pose serious threats in different ways to the main protagonist.
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