A really crazy theory

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Bonzara said:
I have my own idea: we are the 6th elder god.

In the Magister's journal, he mentions a soul 'of divine origin' that has manifested as many different beings, yet is still one entity.

Huh, I was under the impression the general consensus was that he was referring to Tumeken, evidently not. The journals in question chronicle Oreb's discoveries in the Kharidian desert (it references the smoke dungeon among other things), and Tumeken fits the description perfectly. Seems strange to me that books written in Tumeken's backyard would refer to a completely seperate shattered deity.

Tumeken was a god (so he is "divine" ), and we know for a fact his soul is seperated into several distinct entities. Het, Crondis, Apmeken and Scabaras all act independently but we know they collectively represent Tumeken's Ba. And Amascut established contact with his collective consciousness in 'Phite Club using the Soul Altar machine (you could argue it's just the part of his soul that's in the heart but I find that unlikely).
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