Gods vs 5th Age followers?

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NachtWeaver said:

I would love to see a piece of content dealing with the returned 6th age gods correcting misconceptions their followers have. Because I'm sure most of them returned and facepalmed.

There's a bit of this in the Dishonor Among Thieves quest, when it's established that there is dissension among the Black Knights as to interpretation of Zamorak's will, and you have to pretty much get involved and let the other faction know that the 'strength through chaos does not necessarily mean doing evil' side is more in line with Zamorak's actual philosophy.

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I like the idea of gods having to deal with the actions of their followers since they were banished all those centuries ago, specifically Sardomin and Zamorak.

While Big Red has been away on Infernus, his followers have basically made him THE bad guy in every part of Gielinor. The Kinshra are considered one of the most evil organizations in the world, and though this may be.. due to other things.. they have done very little to make this anything but the truth. Pretty much all we ever see them do is something we need to fix. The mages haven't been much help either, sneaking about like shadows and stealing from people. His followers are the Demons, who the world at large see as evil incarnate and hunt at every opportunity. Vampyres, the oppressors of an entire nation, responsible for everything wrong in Morytania. And a few Mahjarrat, one of whom is a giant jerk who oppressed a port-town, took slaves and made them fight for his entertainment, killed them.. another who has tried multiple times to take over the city of Varrock with armies of zombies and other ugly creatures, one who wants nothing more than to get in Zamorak's pants, and... Hazeel. Hazeel is actually kind of a cool dude.

Then there's Papa Smurf. While he is certainly the most popular and liked god these days, I feel like it's for all the wrong reasons. If you asked me what Saradomin should be the god of, the answer is weight-throwing politics, silencing opposition by slander, and denouncing all who have a different opinion. His followers rule the world through use of under-handed tactics like making the opposition "disappear," accusing them of "crimes" or vilifying them out of proportion. THIS is the reason why the Black Knights are so hated, and why the Zamorakian Mages are ostracized. The root of the problem is all Saradominist politics. THEY are the ones to blame for every "evil" act of every "evil" group that they vilify, because THEY made them that way.
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You mean you want to undo three entire ages of outrageous propaganda and brainwashing? Woah... where does one start... The only way I see fit to accomplish this, is probing the minds of the people with more ridiculous rumours and nonsense that would conform to a some pattern that fits their flawless character perfectly.

Better yet, let's send an apology letter through Postie Pete to every citizen of the universe, to say that we were all deeply wrong about the gods' motives, and that they will make up for it.

One could write whatever they want by officially using their signature, something like this:
"this letter was signed by [insert god here] and magically sealed at their office with their official insignia as can be seen on the flip side - side note: taxes are being raised for the time being due to our gods permanent presence; next week the recollection will take place with a ten percent intrest."
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A Mighty

A Mighty

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Lord Daquarius doesn't seem evil. If anything, Sir Amik seems more evil than he does...
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A Mighty said:
Lord Daquarius doesn't seem evil. If anything, Sir Amik seems more evil than he does...

They both seem evil tbh. I'd say the knight factions only show off the worst of both Saradomin and Zamorak.
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