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Since I'm an idiot and keep missing lore Q&A's here's a list of the questions that I've compiled over the past months and have been saving for a Q&A, with hope that either you guys can answer some of them, or if I forget again, a couple will interest you enough to ask them on my behalf.


Why isn’t Sinn Derkwill roaming around in the Underworld anymore? I’d like to speak with them.

How many more of Amascut’s priestess’ (like Neite and Ka) do we have yet to meet? Will there ever be a miniquest where we globetrot to find them all?

Is Sumona actually Amascut, or is she a thrall, or just a projection or something, like Saradomin had in Death of Chivalry?

What happens to the souls of Zarosians when they die?

Why is the symbol on the Master Clan Cape (elves) a wolf?

The Exile was found by us in a cave on Tuai Leit, but there are no caves on Tuai Leit… Will you add a cave network to the huge mountain there in the future (and give access to the other unexplorable areas in the Arc)?

What would happen if we combined Runic Energy and Divine Energy from Wisps?

What were the “gifts” that Guthix gave to the other Guardians?

Do other shards of Aeternam exist within our current timeline (i.e. is it possible that we may meet and befriend her before she witnesses our death, or will we have to use the Amserdrwys)?

Which Elder’s were involved in the creation of the world of pure crystal that Armadyl explored after the God Wars.

Where is Sarius Guile?

What is the fate of Polmafi Ferdygris and Flaygian Screwte.

Ghorrok remained untouched during the God Wars, and the few hundred survivors spread across the world at the start of the 4th Age, any chance we’ll ever meet their descendants, or happen upon a group of secret Zarosians in Ardy or something?

Were Gargoyles born with the Animate Rock Spell, or…?

Juna reveals to us that Guthix had travelled to the Eastern Lands. What did he do there?

What happened to Filliman Tarlock?

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Are the massive tree in the Lost Grove and the Great Tree in the Gnome Stronghold of the same or similar species?

Will you update TWW rewards, so that River of Blood replaces Branches, and new “god” quests from the 5th Age like Pieces of Hate, for 100% rewards?

Where is Dai Cadarn’s current location?

What is the difference between Black Knights and Dark Warriors, or Elite Black Knights and Elite Dark Warriors/Ranges/Mages, etc. in the Black Knight Catacombs?

What’s the history of the Agility Pyramid?

Why didn’t Armadyl bump up to T3 when he killed Bandos (or did he and it just hasn’t been announced yet)?

Is Jacquelyn Manslaughter Turael/Spira’s apprentice?

Will The World Wake’s post-quest rewards be updated for full new 5th Age Quests (for example: Replace the Branches of Darkmeyer req. with River of Blood, etc)?

Could any TokHaar that did not move with Ful and the Elder Kiln still be alive elsewhere, or do they die off after so long?

Are horses and hornless unicorns the same thing? If they are different, is it just a case of “They are different, but horses have not ever, and never will exist in this universe. All references of Horses are meant to say Hornless Unicorns,”?

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1. Sinn Derkwill was largely tied to the 2018 Halloween Event, with the vast majority of his function and dialogue referring to this. As the event is no longer in game, Derkwill serves no purpose in game as he was. Perhaps he shall return one day.

2. No idea.

3. Pretty sure she's Amascut given Catolax's dialogue.

4. That would be telling.

5. No clue. Given the presence of wolves in the elven lands and fighting alongside Helwyr's forces, it's possible that the wolf is simply a creature that every clan can and does use and is therefore seen as a unifying symbol for the clans.

6. There are no caves on Tuai Leit that we can currently see/access. Perhaps it could be added in the future as the location of a resource dungeon or something along those lines.

7. Presumably something similar to when Ocellus combined Runes with the tears of Guthix: crystals. Unless, of course, the rune essence and absence/lower amount of of anima in the divine power are key aspects to the crystal forming process, in which case I have no idea.

8. No clue.

9. That would be telling.

10. Dunno, maybe the same ones (plus or minus one elder) that were involved in making Tarddiad.

11. Probably still serving Vanescula and doing things around Castle Drakan.

12. Polmafi is on Vampyrium and may or may not be dead. Flaygian went out for a walk and never returned. Given the Myreque Questline, he's likely dead.

13. From what we know of these survivors, it seems likely that most lines declined due to an inability to openly practice their religion and seek new converts. Those that managed to persist may have found places amongst Vindicta's army (explaining how she even has an army).

14. Gargoyles are affected by Silverlight/Darklight. As such, they seemingly originate on Infernus like all other demons.

15. Dunno, saw the sights probably.

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16. Filliman helped people flee the spread of Vampyrric influence in Morytania. He was eventually killed in a violent manner, persisting as a ghost, but in denial of his own death. You then help him become a nature spirit so he may protect the forest-turned-swamp.

17. Probably not. They don't usually change quest requirements in retrospect, with the exception of Rune Mysteries' revemp and re-release.

18. Somewhere not Prifddinas.

19. Dark Warriors are likely some other organization of Zamorakian combatants that worked alongside the Black Knights under Lucien. Given the appearance of a Dark Ranger, Mage, and Warrior in Nomad's Requiem, their attempt to kill him, and his admission to having served Lucien, they likely serve Lucien or the Nomad's White Knight fraternizing master.

20. The agility pyramid is known as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid. Why it was built and when is unknown. Perhaps, like the Jalsavrah pyramid or the Mastaba, it houses one of the pharoah of Sophanem.

21. Armadyl refused to take Bandos' power. No extra power, no ascension.

22. Maybe.

23. Doubtful. It would functionally change the levels and quests needed to obtain the rewards and that the rewards were balanced around. It's also not like Jagex is particularly keen on the idea of quests require those that came before them in time anymore.

24. Presumably, it would be like the Tzhaar when they were cut off from the sacred lava. Over time, the originals would die off, while any instances of reproduction would result in Ga'al-like creatures.

25. Pretty sure they are separate things.

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^Some of these answers were helpful (like gargoyles), some were incorrectly interpreted and answered (like #16), and some are just assumptions. I would have preferred either concrete answers with sources, or none at all.

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