The Measure's Mortal Name.

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Q: Since most Elder Artifacts have a second name created by mortals (Staff of Armadyl, Fist of Guthix/Eye of Saradomin, Crown Archival), what would be the Measure's 'mortal' name?

Mod Rowley: Considering that you are the only mortal to have laid hands on this particular artefact, feel free to name it yourself! The Measure is its 'true' name, as given to it by the elder gods (and you know it via proximity/touch, much like touching the Stone of Jas).

So lore forum, what is the "mortal" name of your Measure?

Is it the "Pillar of Salt" or the "Elder Thermometer"? Maybe "The Fencepost of Doom", or even "Cybernet's Dowsing Rod of Goddess-Finding".

The possibilities are endless.

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