Zealotry/Insanity = Power?

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Cthris said:
What does insanity even mean these days?

Seems to follow the comic book definition, which is just 12 year old edginess.
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24-Sep-2017 04:28:03

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Fanaticism doesn't equal power.

Azzanadra is as loyal to his god as it gets, very disturbed by Zaros's departure he went through the grieving period more or less, which explains his ramblings about offering his body up as a vessel.

But it's not the reason for his power specifically. He built that all up himself, regardless of his devotion to Zaros, and now he's nearing godhood without ever having to touch an elder artefact.

Bilrach I'd say fits your theory most of all, hearing voices through the portals and gaining strength from them. Madness itself wasn't the cause of his power, Madness was the result of it because of where he drew it from.
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I think you're looking at this the wrong way.
This thread seems to be discussing the idea that Power = Insane Zealotry

I think they are powerful because they are willing to push themselves that far, because they are willing to do anything for their God, they strive to become powerful.
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04-Oct-2017 20:09:24

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I imagine it's kinda like adrenaline. Ever seen one of those videos where a mother will literally lift a car to save her child underneath? In that same way I think one is able to tap into that "adrenaline" when they are scared, angry, even in a passionate fervor?

There's a saying that says something like "There's nothing more dangerous than a man with a sharp stick, nothing to lose and everything to gain."

The afore mentioned zealots are so committed they would gladly pay down their lives for their masters. I think in that sense they are mlre dangerous/powerful.
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They both have striking similiarities which may seem odd at first. Their early birth could account for their great genetic heritage of Mahdness, more than any other of their siblings.

Perhaps this expression can help you to understand the mentality of Billy and Azzy: Imagine the Mahjarrat being trees, you have the little ones and the big ones. They're obviously the biggest - and the oldest - if those people resist the shocks of life instead of absorbing them, guess what happens: they crack. If they would insist on resisting like oaks, instead of bending like willows, it would set up a series of inner conflicts, and they would be worried, tense and strained all the time. They'd lose some branches, sure, but their bark'd keep living on, perhaps in a differentiated state, but better off than if they wouldn't.

No matter if you're an atheist or religious person, in psychiatry, religion is considered beneficial for the mentally ill. Why? Because prayer and a strong religious faith estinguish worry, despair, strain and nervousness. The fact that you and I don't fully understand the perplexity of religion and prayer, doesn't keep people benefiting from it, leading happier, richer lives. Let's just say that giving spiritual values to life eases the mind of those doing it.
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