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(People are the Deadliest Disease)


The Biologist: Remember that someone broke into the lab and spread the plague?

Player: It's difficult to forget.

The Biologist: I jolly well know who did it! Not that make any sense, mind. It was the sorcerer, Finia. He escaped my quarantine and joined the Blazing Lanterns! He's gone back to the pirates who captured him!

Player: Wait, he's working with them? So, he wasn't their captive at all?

The Biologist: It does seem that way. Perhaps the ratbag wanted to be a pirate, or they turned him - the captive joined the captors. Daemonheim Syndrome, I think it's called.

Player: But why kill his own? Doesn't make sense.

The Biologist: Human nature is an impossible science. I'm a fan of bacilli and viruses; they're slightly more predictable. Influenza wouldn't gather a fleet of pirates to attack the sea orphans, for example.

Player: Wait, what? They're attacking?

The Biologist: In hindsight, I should probably have told you that first. There's three ships, approaching from the Pincer region.

Player: I don't suppose science has a solution to this?

The Biologist: I've got a few vials of acid and combustibles that might help. Let me hop on board. Pirates vs Scientist. Who know?

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The Biologist: We sank two out of three ships! Wahoo! Who needs dragon fire when you've got a biologist with exploding vials?

Player: Finia got away.

The Biologist: He did? Rats. Makes me wish I never cure him of the plague.

Player: What happens now? Do you still intend to stay with the orphans?

The Biologist: Absolutely! Now more than ever. There's so much to learn from these people, and - who knows- maybe I can help them too. The book can wait. I'll push the boundaries of science forward at later date. I'm sure it's not going anywhere!

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I leveled a lot of skills to 90 I never would have to see these stories. Some are better than others, but the missionary, thief, herbalist and whaler come to mind as really fun ones.

I almost disapprove of you just pasting the entire transcript up. Spoilers, dear boy, ruins half the fun.
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