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Which RS god is the devil to you and why? In other words, which god is like the polar opposite, the contradiction, of you...the god you will probably kill first above all others if given the chance?

...and for what reason?

Do they go against most or all your beliefs? Are they way too flawed in character, or is it mostly their ideology that is flawed above all other gods?

Feel free to list multiple gods. Do not derail this thread.

*sets thread loose*
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Armadyl. He represents everything I despise, corruption hiding under the guise of good, a moral busy body, a preacher of pacifism, a coward, a suppressor of freedom, and a vile hypocrite.

The idea of peace in general is something I don't like, but at least Seren has (so far) been able to stick with her idealologies and I can respect her for that. Saradomin is a hypocrite and suppressor of freedom as well, preaching pacifism but thinking he can do so by war...however even he, at least, is willing to stand by his people in battle. Armadyl has no redeeming qualities. He is a hypcorite and a coward who would send his dying race to war while he watches them, as if the spectating royal of a Roman Coloseum death match.

Armadyl is an invader. Not a single one of his Aviansie were born here and he has no business coming here and telling its citizens how they should live. Even Bandos had a huge Gielnorian following that he was forced to leave here.

I feel bad for his followers. They would be fundamentally better off if he had died. He forced them into extinction to fight his petty battles and, just as they were recovering on abbinah, he brings them back to Gielinor to go die again. No, don't wait several more centuries until they've fully recooperated, let's bring them back to extinction now.

I'm not sure if I can blame his issues on mallicious intent or sheer stupidity, but my God is he stupid. He's going back into the God Wars, with MUCH less followers than he initially had, with no allies, with no Elder Artifact, and he thinks his race is somehow going to be better off under these circumstances. He preaches pacifism but went to war with Zamorak because Saradomin told him too and it's clear from the Forinthry cutscene that he never once tried diplomacy and clear had no idea what the hell he was even fighting for. Almost like that stupid kid that punches a stranger because the cool kids said he should.

He's also a less interesting version of Saradomin.
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Sliske for me. I would actually have stopped being Zarosian if he wasn't excommunicated. And nothing would make my day quite like kicking the hell out of him.

He tried to take me as a Barrows Brother. He killed Guthix when he said he wouldn't. He started a god killing contest for fun. Then when he claimed that he did all that for Zaros, he tells us to kill him in Fate Of The Gods. And then he had the audacity to mess about with people's souls including my own, and beat me up on top of it.

Now I'm not sure if I want to kill him or tie him up in a room with Seren inside.
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Saradomin easily.

A do as I say not as I do follower suppressing mortally flawed less of a blue man than I bad guy.

I'll lead with the smaller gripes and have a hearty build up.

He gives blue skinned people a bad name.

He lets his followers impart such idiotic restrictions on themselves in his name:

-Dancing is a sin, you all hopefully remember one piercing note. Turns out, within the Saradominist religion you can't dance if you're a Sister of the abbey. What sort of thoughtless "God" lets that slide? It already led to the False-Ripper incident, granted he couldn't stop it whilst being rightfully banished, but good lord he could've gone to set them straight anytime after.

-No Relationship Trope with Temple/White knights: If you want an army of knights, fine. Do as you like. But for the love of whatever god you pretend to be don't let them go celibate for you. Your tragic old ass and your new age followers haven't gotten any so that doesn't mean you should be bitter and let your followers impose the sad lifestyle on themselves. The only way to get out of this is to go into a form of exile if the novels are anything to go by. Just another perk of Saradominism.

-My Wand. He is at his very core, an angry old man. He stole something I rightfully paid in blood for to bring a follower he ended up corrupting and tried to banish him for what I remind you all was his entire fault. Nasty thieving Godisies.

-The Naragi. The worst of his crimes as far as we know. There is no justifying this. Those who do only spit angrily and childishly defend the quite frankly indescribable cruelty because it was Saradomin who did it, he deserves nothing short of death for this. Skargaroth and Tuska have paid their dues. Only a matter of time. ;)
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Hguoh said:
Brassica. He has no reason, no rationale, and hardly any impetus.

Thankfully, he is next to harmless and very fun to joke about
Which is why I went with Marimbo in Cabbage Facepunch. Gotta love partying monkeys as an extra point. :D
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I like logic, rationality, truth/objectivity. Seren is the opposite of that. She is illogical, irrational, a liar and a manipulator, both physically and emotionally.

First and foremost, by her very aurora she causes others to become heavily emotionally attached to her for no logical reason. Her very aurora is irrationality, and she spreads it around like a disease. Coicently, like a disease, everyone who gets close to her ends up dying.

She also hides truth from others. When she cursed the elves she didn't tell them about what she did to them. She also hid the truth from Guthix.

Instead of using logic and truth to convince the elves to come to gielinor by telling them that they are cursed, and that gielinor could be their only hope of being free from the curse, she decided to use the elves' curse against them; instead choosing to leave the world, knowing that the elves would suffer horribly and some would even die, making it so when she eventually returned they would do what she wanted. Effectively breaking their will.

This behavior is quite similar to how she treated the Dreams of Mah. Tricking them into killing one another to feed her monstrous mother.

When all but one clan had their wills broken and Seren wanted to return to gielinor, she still refused to tell the clan about what she had done, and abandoned them, fully aware that they would suffer and likely die. Currently, that clan after many deaths, has fallen into insanity and essentially become nothing more than monsters, bar a few. Seren literally destroyed an entire culture of people.

On gielinor Seren still couldn't solve the problem with the curse, so she used a willing clan as rats for her experiments. What possible problem could I have with this? Well first of all, it's not like any of the elves are capable of rational choice when under Seren's influence. In order to truly get consent the consenting individual must be rational. No rationality = no consent.

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Of course then part of Seren later became the Dark Lord (after channeling all her dark energy into Hallund. Who, as her twin/counterpart shows, is a sentient lifeform separated from Seren. So once again Seren is forcing things on mortals....) and then later started a civil war, tried to massacre half a city, used children as slaves and worked them to death, ate souls etc etc.

So yeah Seren is my anti-thesis god. I do my best to operate with rationality, and logic. I hate the feeling of controlling others. I don't even vote because I highly dislike the feeling of contributing to a system that forces values on an entire nation of people. I also love sharing what I know, and what I have learned with others. I don't try to hide my mistakes, and will point them out if I am at risk of misleading someone.

I also think she is the most damaging, and dangerous god. Though I wouldn't necessarily call her evil. I'm not utilitarian, or deontological so I can't really label as her as anything like that.

That being said, she is my favorite god character. I think she is so beautifully written. She paradoxical. She's the god of life, but she brings so much death. Everywhere she goes is marked with suicide, murder, insanity and death. She's written so well that all the horrible stuff she's done can cause some to look at her as a victim, rather than a monster. It will be interesting to see what they do with her in the future.

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Probably Zimzams or Zaros. Ironically I've helped both of them in the past so I guess my real antithesis would be Sliske.

Zimzams is a loose cannon that needs to go back to Infernus, and Zaros is way too power-hungry for my taste, and has shown that he's quite capable of throwing people under the bus or tearing them into pieces to get the info he needs. I 'm hoping that while the Elder Gods are picking him out of their teeth, Seren and I can come up with a better plan.
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