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An Aviansie said:
Nothing is worse than the penguin quest series.

Absolutely nothing.

In comparison, I've once had food poisoning. It was not fun. But still, even while suffering through the worst of it, I actually deemed this better than those quests.
I didn't think you could be scarred for life by penguins.

Anyways the concerns over FOT*2 are justified, no need arguing about that anymore. Mod Ollie has made quests that I loved so I'm personally optimistic.

Regarding a sequel to TLW, if it was JUST about the Cywir elves, then it wouldn't fit being a sequel to a grandmaster quest, it needs to be more grand. If the Cywir subplot continued in the sequel but wasn't the main plot, then it would make sense to include it.

In all honesty I'm more concerned that we haven't had a lore campfire in over 2 years, I should really message Ozzy about this.
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17-Jul-2016 01:38:45

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