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Penny Drakis said:
Is that Amascut front and center in that splash image, hover-handing the Kharid-ib? In a new outfit?

No wait, it looks sort of like her Lady Keli costume, but pinker? She's not wearing that silly kitty ear tiara and her hair is different. Maybe someone finally pointed out that she was wearing kitty ears. And maybe some sort of breastplate? And a golden gorget!

Why do the other gods hardly ever change their outfits? Amascut does so in (almost) every quest. Amascut is the God-Empress of Fashionscape confirmed. Slay Queen, YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!

Edit: The lady's silhouette matches Leela's silhouette in the characters page. How disappointing. OR IS IT?

Edit edit: well, her outfit does resemble Leela's current in game outfit. Hmmm. Why would Leela hover-hand the Kharid-ib like that, though?

There's actually lore basis behind this! In retaliation for her becoming the Devourer and destroying her temples and killing her followers, her priests (Neite included) cursed her so that any form she takes would eventually cast her out, forcing her to take a new form! There were other parts of the curse, too, but that's the relevant part to your question.
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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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Anyways I thought it was pretty obvious that the blue guy was meant to be Het? His appearance matches that of the statues we've seen of him - the statue guarding the Kharid-ib originally, and the statue that I THINK is in Senliten's tomb. The two pronged crown with the false beard chin thingy. And since Het was blamed for Sophanem's plague, causing Menaphos to shut their doors hardcore, it'd make sense to me that he'd make an appearance. Mods pls notice me

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