Planar, Magic, & Tradition

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EDIT: Because this thread has received so few comments in its first month, I will make the following recommendations:
- If you are interested in no more than the barest outline of what planar theory might be, please see this single post, and feel free to respond as you wish.
- If you are interested in the partially headcannon history of magic/magic theory please skip to Part III, or in the more classically headcannon supporting epic, stories, and poems, please skip to Part IV or Part V.

~ Planar, Magic, & Tradition ~

Dear friends, Jmods, and fellow lorehounds,

What is a plane? What is anima? What is magic? These are some of the grandest questions in RuneScape's lore. This thread contains my conclusions on these topics - I'm considering it my RuneScape dissertation.

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These conclusions are not systematically presented. Instead, I've embedded them in a history of human magics in Gielinor, a history which draws upon some headcannon. The first part - a brief essay entitled The Need for Traditions - explains why. In short, it does not matter whether this headcannon is canonical - it is consistent with known lore and allows us to rediscover efficiently the original meanings of the words with which we speak of planes, anima, and magic. The conclusions are for the most part separable from the stories I use to illustrate them - so it is worth reading even for those who are not interested in headcannon.

The second part presents some conclusions concerning planes, anima, and magic, though without a lot of detail. The third part is a headcannon history of human magics in Gielinor - it draws upon and develops all the existing relevant lore that I know; it also contains the most insightful explanations I have to offer, especially regarding summoning and the recession of the runecrafting altars. The fourth part begins with a long commentary by Thormac on the headcannon Armadylean tradition and is followed by proverbs and songs from this tradition. The last part is the founding scripture of this tradition - the Epic of Ikov - which illustrates most concretely the role of spirits in magic, a concept essential to every part of the thread.

This is perhaps written in reverse order, since the Epic of Ikov is the foundation of the earlier parts - but I did not want to begin an extremely long thread with its longest part. Please feel free to read its parts in whatever order you want and to post at any time in your reading. I hope you find the thread enjoyable to read and satisfying as a contribution to our ongoing exploration of lore.

Thank you.

+ Attila Square

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~ Table of Contents ~

I. The Need for Traditions

II. Conclusions
II.1 Planar Theory

II.2 Anima and Magic Theory

III. A History of Human Magics in Gielinor
III* An Overview

III.1 The Age of Sorcery
III.1.1 The Original Experience of Gielinor

III.1.2 Spirits
III.1.3 Sorcery
III.1.4 Early Runic Magic
III.1.5 The Images of the Age
III.2 Early Mysticism
III.2.1 Native and Principle Spirits

III.2.2 The Schools of Mysticism
III.2.3 An Example: The Principle of Plenitude

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III.3 High Mysticism
III.3.1 The Ultimate Darkness

III.3.2 Dimensional Barriers
III.3.3 The Condemnation of Necromancy
III.4 Late Mysticism
III.5 The Age of Obelisks
III.5.1 The Discovery of Summoning

III.5.2 Early Modern Developments
III.5.3 The End of the Age
III.6 Modern Runic Magic
III.6.1 The Causes and Effects of Runecrafting

III.6.2 Discoveries in Planar Theory
III.6.3 More Planar Theory: The Void
III.6.4 The 6th Age

IV. The Armadylean Tradition
IV.1 A Letter from Thormac

IV.2 The Writings of Ikov
IV.3 The First Ikovian Hymn
IV.4 The Second Ikovian Hymn
IV.5 The Third Ikovian Hymn
IV.6 Mystical Proverbs
IV.7 The Song of Lamanda

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