Teragard Culture: Speculation?

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I reckon that Saradomin encountering creatures of light and purity like Icyene was such a drastic step into his Godhood, that it has become an escapism of sorts. Something he could glorify and call his own.

The Naragi God Wars may still plague the back of his mind, and protecting the lives he has built is his form of penance. Seeing the alternatives such as Zamorak or Bandos' ideal world is what he strives to prevent, not just for the people, but for his own peace of mind.
His own justification of why he has the power.

As for Teragard, I honestly visualise it as some sort of totalitarian society. Perhaps Teragardian laws are so extreme that 'wing-ripping' pales in comparison, and the Icyenes overreacted to Saradomin's surprise. Something he thought would catch on as the norm.

Maybe the Magisters do public executions to the Schism to spread obedience. It could be similar to Vampyric society, where reputation, and 'saving face' is of the utmost importance.
Either way, Saradomin has yet to return, was he tired of their ways? Was he kicked out through shame?

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Whilst doing Troll Invasions, I noticed one of the fanatics was called a 'Saradominist Magister'.

Probably totally unrelated. But it got me thinking, Magister is Latin for teacher.
And it tends to be the Zarosian dialogue that uses Latin as the Infernal tongue.

We could gather that the original Magisters were not suppose to lead and rule like a monarchy or government, but guide and enlighten like a group of wise sages in Saradomin's absence.
If the system we see today involves backstabbing, power grabs and false images, it really goes to show how power can corrupt. Makes me keen to see Saradomin's face should he return.

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