Teragard Culture: Speculation?

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Hazeel said:
Not quite. Teregard was completely under his control and still worships him to this day...which explains why it's so orderly and cold over there. We were told shortly after TWW and Guthixian memories that Saradomin abandoned the humans because they were too weak.
I'd say it is somewhat ironic that humans now provide the backbone of most armies. How galling it must be to see how far they have come since being abandoned as weak.. Well, how far the Gilienorians at least, and they did step on a few faces and innovated their way to the top of the pile. With the kinds of things Gilienorians have been up against I'd say they'd have to have been fairly ruthless.

Now what the Teradardians have been up against or had to dal with will dictate what they are like to a degree. They won't be a mirror of Gielinor.
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